Best Air Conditioner Brands – 2021 Review

Air conditioners are a modern essential for staying comfortable in our homes, offices, hospitals, and factories. Since everyone wants to live in a comfortable environment with clean and cool air, there is no shortage of brands that make air conditioning units.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best air conditioner brands to consider when making your next purchase. For each air conditioner brand, there are a variety of models available, and the right air conditioning unit for you depends on the size of your space and your budget. Let's see how these brands stack up against each other.

Characteristics of the Best Air Conditioner Brands 

Different homes have their unique requirements when it comes to choosing an air conditioner. In homes with a muggy living room, a window air conditioner works well. Central AC can deliver cool air throughout an entire home in hotter climates, while places with a sun-facing bedroom that only overheats at the height of summer might do best with a portable air conditioner.

Fortunately, the best air conditioner brands all offer a variety of models and AC system solutions to suit your space – from an entire home or just a single room.

Below are some qualities that make a good AC brand.

Energy Efficiency

A good air conditioner should use the least energy possible to deliver its cooling. Air conditioners run for long hours and are infamous power hogs. You want to get one that will cool your home without inflating your electricity bill too much.

For a proper guide, check on the ACs' Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio(SEER) to determine how much energy it will use. A higher SEER rating means the air conditioner is more energy-efficient.

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Ease of Install and Operation

Air conditioners might not be the easiest to install and you might have to hire a professional to do the installation, especially for a central AC unit. That does not, however, mean you can not install it by yourself if you have the right tools and can follow installation guidelines. 

Easy operation via remote control, clear digital display menus, or easy-to-adjust knobs are some of the qualities that also make an AC a good choice on the usability scale.

Less Noise

A good air conditioner should run efficiently yet have minimalist noise levels. At least the only noise you should hear is the humming fan. This is important for the light sleepers, rooms with small babies, hospitals, or any office environment where noise is a concern.

Review of the Best Air Conditioner Brands

Having seen what you need to look out for when shopping for an air conditioner, now let's explore some of the best brands you can buy an air conditioner from on the market today.

Brand Name:
American Standard


  • Available in different sizes for different room sizes
  • Variable cooling stages with humidity controls included
  • Quiet operation with consistent comfort across all models
  • Available in a variety of models from Platinum, Gold, and silver
  • Available SEER ranges of between 13 to 22 for different budgets


  • A little louder compared to other brands
  • SEER Rating is limited to a maximum of 22

Features of American Standard

American Standard is among the leading AC brands across the globe with several outstanding features. 

They have humidity management performance and communication technology for a balanced and even distribution of air.

Recent buyers love the thermostat controls that tell the furnace and AC unit when to turn on or off, and at what speed the fan should run.

Quiet operation is the epitome of any good air conditioner, and that's what American Standard offers.

What Spaces is American Standard Best For?

American Standard air conditioners come in different models and sizes with varying SEER ratings. This makes it possible for buyers to use them in different environments.

Their quiet operation mode makes American Standard AC models a better choice for office environments and bedrooms. 

Compact models like American Standard Silver 16 low profile AC are among the best ACs suited for small spaces and individual air conditioning.

Mounting and Installation Options

The American Standard ACs are relatively easy to install for the low and mid-range models. Their top-models can be costly to install with upward costs of $6,000 per AC. American Standard models are, however, made to cater to a variety of environments such as homes and offices. The brand also offers very impressive customer service in case of any trouble during installation.

Brand Name:


  • Energy-efficient with up to SEER 18
  • Has a variety of models for both small and big homes
  • Offers different warranty programs of 2-5 years for different units
  • Lifetime warranty for its top models and 10 years for its accessories
  • Solid build for guaranteed durability with features such as louvered coil guards


  • A limited SEER of up to 18 and EER 12
  • Easy breakage for the less-expensive models

Features of Goodman

Goodman ACs have pre-installed filter dryers that absorb moisture and filter any residual contaminants. Most buyers love the contactors with lugs that make it easy and secure to connect the units to the main power source.

What Spaces is Goodman Best For?

Goodman ACs work well both indoors and outdoors for small and medium-size spaces.

The GSX16 model from Goodman is a portable double-stage air conditioner that would be ideal in outdoor conferences and small gatherings.

The louvered coil guards offer enough protection to the condenser as it can't be damaged easily by sticks and stones from lawnmowers when used outdoors.

The factory-installed filter dryers help absorb and filter moisture and residual system contaminants thus giving fresh air when used indoors or in patients' rooms.

Mounting and Installation Options

Goodman ACs are very portable if you like moving your air cooler to various rooms. Given the factory-installed filter driers, the cost of installation is cut by a bigger margin compared to other similar brands.

Brand Name:


  • Quiet operation for its top models
  • ComfortBridge technology compatibility for improved energy efficiency
  • Among the best energy savings with a SEER rating of 25 for its top models
  • Up to 8 models to choose from with both single-stage and two-stage controls
  • Most models offer a lifetime premium warranty while other models are limited to 10 years


  • Expensive to install
  • The warranty does not cover installation parts

Features of Amana

Users of Amana air conditioners love the ComfortBridge technology that gathers data and makes automatic adjustments for greater energy savings.

A 10-year warranty and strong build are a guarantee of durability.

The high SEER rating of up to 25 makes Amana among the best energy-efficient air conditioners.

What Spaces is Amana Best For?

Amana air conditioners are highly energy-efficient ACs making them a good choice for industrial use and multi-family setups.

With an energy efficiency rate of up to 25 for its top models like AVXC20, Amana ACs work well in dehumidifying and cooling rooms where heat-generating electric devices like power amplifiers and computer servers are used.

Amana ACs are also a good choice for use in stores with delicate products like artworks.

A wide available range of its models have provisions for both indoor and outdoor use.

Mounting and Installation Options

Long warranty periods by Amana is a sure guarantee that the products are very durable and might not need maintenance from time to time. Installation for industrial use might be costly since it will need to be done by a trained professional.

Brand Name:


  • Energy-efficient with a SEER rating of up to 21
  • Parts are widely available in case of any repairs
  • High-end models are compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Models can be operated via WiFi connection using a smartphone
  • Offers 10 years warranty on all its models on both the compressor and the parts


  • Has a limited SEER rating of 21
  • Labor warranty is offered separately

Features of Carrier

Top AC models from Carrier use touchscreen thermostat and can be connected via WiFi on all its models.

Carrier is also a famous brand with parts widely available in case of breakages. Consumers of Carrier products report impressive customer service in case of such occurrences.

For corrosion resistance, most Carrier central air conditioner models are powder-coated and baked with enamel.

The Alexa compatibility provides for a very comfortable operation.

What Spaces is Carrier Best For?

Carrier ACs fall within the standard range of air conditioners in terms of efficiency and are thus good for a variety of small environments. They work best for both commercial and residential requirements.

The top Carrier models can be connected via WiFi and controlled through Android and iOS apps for enhanced comfort on indoors usage.

Efficient energy ranges of 13-21 also allow them to run longer when used in offices and industries without overstretching electricity bills.

Mounting and Installation Options

Carrier brand has a team of professionals trained specifically on how to install Carrier ACs and other HVAC systems. Installation might be costly but you are guaranteed a professionally installed air conditioning system.

Model Name:


  • The strong build makes them very durable
  • Impressive customer service in case of defects
  • Energy-efficient with top models having SEER ratings of up to 26
  • Users report the first AC service for the top model in 5 years from installation
  • 10 years warranty for select models and 5 years for other models which also include parts
  • Over ten models to choose from featuring variable speed compressors and two-stage controls


  • Less expensive models are reportedly noisy
  • Unique parts are hard to find in case of breakage

Features of Lennox

Lennox ACs have high SEER ratings up to 26, which means they are highly energy-efficient. This is particularly true for the premier models.

The noise level for XC25, which is their top model is extremely low at only 41dB.

The strong build makes them capable of withstanding harsh outdoor climates.

Given the high durability, users report that the first AC servicing for the top models is done 5 years from installation.

What Spaces is Lennox Best For?

The XC25 air conditioner from Lennox is among the most efficient and precise air conditioners on the market suitable for outdoor cooling. Lennox produces compact models for small rooms.

With Lennox ACs, you enjoy double saving on your electricity when you opt to use them with a solar panel, which makes them suitable for industrial use. 

Lennox AC models are known to be very durable with reported first servicing in 5 years and coupled with 10 years of warranty for its top models like XC25, there should be no cause of worry when using the Lenox ACs outdoors.

Quiet models for use in offices and light sleepers are also available on Lennox mid to high-end models.

Mounting and Installation Options

The gigantic models from Lennox might require the services of a professional, especially for outdoor installation. This can be a little expensive but for a good reason. For temporary outdoor use, the best locations are under tree shades and away from sunshine.

Given that there are over ten Lennox models to choose from, you will find a good fit for indoor cooling requirements as well.

Brand Name:


  • Up to 9 models to choose from depending on your room size
  • 10-year warranty for parts and compressor warranty for 12 years
  • Most of its brands have multi-cooling stages for even temperature distribution
  • Very energy-efficient with a SEER rating of up to 22 and also an energy star rating
  • Trane ACs run quietly, making them suitable for light sleepers and use in patients' rooms


  • Some users report delayed warranty services
  • Installation requires more than one professional for big apartments and this can be expensive

Features of Trane

Each Trane unit has compressor sound insulators to reduce noise to promote a quieter environment.

The duratuff and rustproof base pan make Trane ACs durable as they do not easily crack, corrode, or warp.

The easy controls and real-time system monitoring via their iOS and Android apps are some of the key qualities most users enjoy the most in Trane air conditioners.

What Spaces is Trane Best For?

Trane ACs work well outdoors due to the strong build that makes them withstand harsh climates. For indoor use, Trane ACs are a good choice as they can be operated remotely via Android and iOS smartphone apps. With up to 9 models to pick from, Trane ACs there are top-tier options for commercial use. A variety of models for small rooms and multi-families are also available from Trane.

Mounting and Installation Options

Top model Trane ACs are quite expensive to install. However, the units are very durable and will not require time to time servicing.

Trane ACs are made by a trusted company- Ingersoll Rand, which also manufactures American Standard ACs.

Brand Name:


  • Composite base pan for enhanced silent operation
  • Can be programmed and controlled using Amazon Alexa
  • Models available in both two-stage and single-stage controls
  • Energy-efficient with a minimum SEER of 13 and a maximum of 20 across its models
  • Easy to install with the right tools and installation guidelines and might not need a professional's help


  • Some users report noisy operation
  • Occasional failure of the EcoNet-Enabled system

Features of Rheem

Although not as popular as other brands, Rheem ACs are among the most durable air conditioners on the market with outstanding features. They are easy to install, and with the installation guide, one may not need a professional for set up. 

They have very silent operation modes since they have composite base pans.

Rheem ACs are also very easy to operate and come with Alexa voice control.

What Spaces is Rheem Best For?

Rheem ACs are very durable and will serve well outdoors as long as they are properly installed under shades or covered well to protect from sun and harsh climates. They are also Alexa controlled, which makes them a good choice for comfortable indoor use. The high energy efficiency rates of up to 20 allow for industrial or commercial use.

The quiet operation modes make Rheem ACs good for good babies' bedrooms and light sleepers.

Mounting and Installation Options

Since Rheem ACs can be installed without the services of an expert, they are very cost-friendly. However, installation costs are still within an affordable range in case you opt for professionals' services. For example, the Rheem RA14 model would cost $3,450 to install.

Brand Name:


  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lifetime warranty for most models
  • Extremely quiet and suitable for light sleepers
  • Energy-efficient with up to SEER 21 for its top models
  • Touch-screen thermostat control on some of its models for easy operation


  • Limited SEER rating at 21 maximum
  • Microchannel coils are prone to leakages

Features of York

The ease of operation via touchscreen thermostat control makes York ACs a go-to for most users. The models also come with both single and two-stage cooling controls for a more balanced air supply.

What Spaces is York Best For?

The quiet operation modes for most York AC models make them a good choice for baby bedrooms, hospital rooms, and light sleepers.

With up to 21 SEER ratings, York ACs would still work best in industries with high heat-producing electronics such as computer servers and other heavy machinery that run for long hours and require consistent cooling.

They are also a great pick for office environments where noise is a concern.

Mounting and Installation Options

Installing a mid-range air conditioner from York of about SEER 16 would cost around $3,200. York ACs are known for their quiet operation models, a quality that makes them suitable for sensitive places like hospitals, offices, and children's rooms where noise is a concern.

Brand Name:
Mitsubishi Electric


  • Easy to find parts since it's a popular brand
  • Most energy-efficient with SEER ratings of between 13 and 31
  • Mitsubishi has Mr. Slim model that is a special design for small-sized rooms
  • Mitsubishi Electric ductless system is easy to install compared to ducted systems
  • Wide variety of designs from wall-standing to wall-mounted and ceiling recessed ACs


  • Mid-size models are noisy
  • Users report poor customer service

Features of Mitsubishi Electric

Most users acknowledge that Mitsubishi offers models tailored for specific needs. For example, Mr. Slim model is sleek and is the best for individual air conditioning among the Mitsubishi ACs.

Mitsubishi Electric ACs are among the best energy-efficient models available, with the high-end models having high SEER ratings of up to 31. This is a favorite feature for most users since they spend less money to keep their AC fully operational.

What Spaces is Mitsubishi Electric Best For?

Mitsubishi Electric is a brand that sells well by just a mention of the name. They strive to be the best on the market and offer good ACs for cars. 

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures the most energy-efficient HVAC products with their air conditioners coming with the highest SEER rating of 31 suitable for both outdoor and commercial use. The high energy-efficiency makes these products the best for industrial use where heavy machinery runs for long hours and generates a lot of heat. Smaller models are also available for small rooms and offices.

Mounting and Installation Options

Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners have both ducted and ductless systems. Ductless systems are very easy to install and might not require the services of a trained professional, making them the first choice for many users. Being a very popular model known for its automotive machinery, Mitsubishi Electric parts are widely available in case of repairs and parts replacement. 

Brand Name:


  • Impressive customer care in case of defects
  • Produces the slimmest models that take up less space
  • Durable ACs as a result of all-aluminum evaporator coils used
  • Best warranty plans with 12 years for parts coverage and 6-12 years for its units depending on the model
  • Strong reputation having been around for 95 years and also the largest HVAC products manufacturers in the world


  • May require a professional to install
  • Reportedly uses more insulation on air handler cabinets

Features of Daikin

Daikin ACs are highly durable units with corrosion-free all-aluminum coils. For reliability, a thermal expansion valve that is mounted from the factory is included in the coil. This is better than field installation and cuts both time and installation costs.

What Spaces is Daikin Best For?

Daikin air conditioners offer a variety of models suitable for every environment. Here are two types of air conditioning offered by Daikin.

Ducted: Also referred to as central air conditioning, this type of air conditioning is appropriate for an office setup. With this air conditioning, the air flows through ducts from a central location to cool all rooms.

All rooms are uniformly cooled at the same time and temperature.

Ductless: This is an individual air conditioning mode whereby units can be placed in individual rooms. Each unit operates independently depending on individual settings.

Mounting and Installation Options

Thermal expansion valves that come mounted from the factory ease up the installation of the unit. Less time and money is used compared to field installation where professionals are involved.

Does Brand Matter When Choosing an Air Conditioner?

A product's brand can greatly influence a buyer's decision. Air conditioners are no exemption. 

Although there are equally more important factors that come to play when choosing an air conditioner, specific brands are known for their impressive customer care services and extended warranties that give them an upper hand over their competitors.

Sometimes, brands offer products with just about the same features and prices such that there are no major differences in the products and you are no better off with a product from either brand. As such, the following are some of the factors you should consider alongside the brand name.

  • Your budget
  • Installation cost
  • Parts availability and maintenance.
  • Ease of operation
  • Size of the home
  • Energy efficiency
  • Noise level

Brand Comparisons

So far we've seen some of the top HVAC products and their operational features as you may need for your home. Let's now see how some of these brands compare with each other.

Carrier vs Trane 


Both top models from the two brands have WiFi connections and touchscreen thermostats.

All air conditioners are categorized into tiers such as basic with 13-15 SEER, midrange with 16-19 SEER, and best (premier level) with 20-25 SEER.

To prevent corrosion and warping, both are powder-coated and baked with enamel.


Carrier high-end model (Carrier Infinity 21) has a SEER of 21 which is lower compared to the high-end model from Trane -Trane XVI, which has a SEER rating of 22.

Carrier ACs have normal fins on their coils while Trane AC coils have spine fins.

Goodman vs Trane 


Both brands have full-side louvered panels.

Both brands have tier categories from low-end models with the least SEER, to mid-range, and high-end models. Both have diagnostic memories for data storage on AC problems.  

These data can be used by technicians during repair and troubleshooting.


Goodman ACs are energy star rated up to 18 SEER while Trane ACs are rated up to 22 SEER.

Trane ACs have spine fins on their coils while Goodman ACs have aluminum coils.

Goodman vs Lennox


Both have AC models in low, mid, and high-end models.

Goodman and Lennox ACs have both single-stage and two-stage cooling controls.

Both Lennox and Goodman ACs are manufactured in the USA.

Both brands use copper coils with aluminum fins.


Lennox ACs have a SEER rating of up to 26 on high-end models whereas Goodman has a SEER rating of 18 on its best model.

Lennox vs Trane 


Top models from each brand can connect via WiFi and also have variable fans.

Both models have low-end, mid-range, and high-end air conditioners with varying SEER ratings. 


Lennox ACs have a SEER rating of 26 on their best products while Trane ACs have a maximum of 22 SEER rating.

Lennox uses normal fins in their coils while Trane uses spine fins. 

Lennox ACs are compatible with Amazon Alexa whereas Trane ACs use Nexia.

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American Standard vs Carrier 


Both brands have models with single and double stage-cooling controls.

Both brands have products manufactured in the USA.


American Standard ACs have SEER ratings of 13-22 while Carrier ACs rate between 13-21.

Both products although manufactured in the USA are from different companies. The American Standard brand is from Ingersoll Rand while Carrier ACs are from United Technologies Corporation.

Goodman vs American Standard 


Both brands use WiFi connections in their high-end models.

Both models are manufactured in the USA.

American Standard and Goodman have models with double and single cooling controls.


American Standard air conditioners are more energy efficient with SEER ratings of 13-22 compared to Goodman ACs that range between 13-18.

Goodman uses copper coils with aluminum fins while American Standard uses spine fins in their coils.

American Standard vs Lennox 


High-end models from each brand connect via WiFi.

Both models have both single-stage and two-stage controls in their models.

Both brands have models categorized into tiers between low-end, mid-range, and high-end.


American Standard ACs are available in the SEER range of between 13-22 while Lennox ACs are in the ranges of 13-26.

American Standard ACs use spine fins in their coils whereas Lennox ACs use normal fins in their coils.

Ruud vs Trane 


Both products are made in the USA.

Both have models in different tiers to choose from between low, mid, and high-end models.

High-end models from both brands support WiFi connectivity.


Ruud air conditioners come in SEER ratings of 13-20, which means they are less energy-efficient compared to Trane AC models that range between 14-22.

Rheem vs Carrier 


Both models can be programmed and controlled using Amazon Alexa.

Both Rheem and Carrier ACs have models with single-stage and two-stage controls.

Both models use copper and aluminum fins in their coils.


Rheem air conditioners have a SEER rating of between 13-20 whereas Carrier ACs rate between 13-21.

Rheem ACs have 5 years warranty on their parts whereas Carrier ACs have up to 10 years warranty.


Air conditioners can improve the quality of air in your home, make your home cooler, and stabilize humidity for a more comfortable environment. It is important to note that not all air conditioners work equally or guarantee you this experience.

Having seen the top brands and factors to consider, we believe you can now use the tips provided in this article as a guide when choosing an air conditioner that will address your needs. It is not the brand alone that you should consider since other factors like your budget and availability of spare parts come into play too.

People Also Ask

The high number of air conditioners manufactured today can create confusion among users. The following are the most common questions people ask about air conditioners.

What is a Good SEER Rating For An AC Unit?

SEER Ratings might differ depending on the climate where you live. However, a rating of between 14 and 18 is good for both price range and operational cost. Note that SEER ratings can go below 14 or higher to over 20s. The higher the better.

An AC with a SEER rating of 20 and over is a great choice but it comes at a higher cost.

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What is the Average Lifespan of a New AC Unit?

Most air conditioners have a very long warranty period of over 10 years while some brands offer a lifetime warranty.  

The average lifespan of a new AC unit according to the US Department of Energy is between 15 to 20 years. However, you need to make sure to schedule an annual servicing of your HVAC system by a professional for optimum lifespan longevity.

What Air Conditioners Are Made in the USA?

The USA is known as one of the best manufacturers of top HVAC systems. Among the top AC brands made in the US include: American Standard, York, Trane, Carrier, Goodman, Rheem, Mitsubishi Electric, Lennox, Amana, Ruud, and Daikin.

Is Trane a Good Brand?

Train ACs are made of duratuff and rust-tuff material, making them difficult to either corrode or warp. They also have communication controls and compressor sound insulators for quiet operation. Combined with the long warranty periods of up to 10 years, energy efficiency with a SEER rating of up to 22, the Trane brand is categorized among the top-ranking AC brands available today.

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