York Air Conditioners – 2021 Review

For most buyers, air conditioner shopping involves picking a popular brand and buying the first model to go on sale. People tend to trust that any AC brand that has been around for a long time must have lasted for a reason, and likely have reliable products. While this is often true, it also means that you have to pay more than you would for equal quality from a smaller AC brand.

In light of this, this article will explore the different York air conditioners available on the market. Although it is a relatively new and little-known brand, the York system includes air conditioners that guarantee you the same efficiency and functionality as those of the major brands. 

Comparison of the Best York Air Conditioners

  • With a low noise performance of 70dB
  • An innovative footprint for tight and small spaces
  • Coming with a germicidal UVC light technology
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  • Highlighted by a seasonal energy efficient rating of 19.75
  • Coming with a 10 year limited warranty on parts
  • Highlighted by a touch screen remote control
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made in compliance with the EnergyStar standard
  • Adapts according to the conditions indoors and outdoors
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  • Best York LX Series Air Conditioner
  • Highlighted by an extremely affordable price
  • A YCG design for longevity and portability
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  • Best York 3 Ton AC
  • Superb cooling with minimized footprint
  • Eco safe using an ozone friendly refrigerant
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  • Best York 4 Ton AC
  • Efficient in areas up to 700 square feet
  • Featuring a reliable tin-in-fin coil
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Who is York?

York is an HVAC equipment company that makes heating equipment and air conditioners for both commercial and residential markets. It is currently owned by Johnson Controls, which is a worldwide producer of various mechanical equipment. York is a sister brand to both Luxaire and Coleman, both of which also make HVAC equipment. York began in 1874 as a manufacturer of ice machines before transitioning into making air conditioning units. 

Who Makes York Air Conditioners?

York air conditioners are designed and made by Johnson Controls, the HVAC company that acquired York in 2005. 

Where is York Air Conditioners Made?

Johnson Controls now designs and assembles York air conditioners in North America. 

What Makes York Air Conditioners Stand Out From the Competition?

York air conditioners stand out from the competition because of several features. Firstly, York offers three kinds of warranties. It has a warranty of 10 years for the compressor, 10 years for parts, and a lifetime warranty on the compressor for the high-end models. It also has a unique one-year warranty for labor, which most other brands do not have. 

York also has great customer service, which has so far enabled the brand to retain most of its customers. York air conditioners are of high quality since they have galvanized steel cabinets that protect the internal parts to ensure durability and longevity even with regular use. 

York makes its air conditioners in two tiers - the Affinity series and the LX series, with up to 10 models across the two tiers. 

Review of the Best York AC Units

Now that we know the background of York as a brand and its air conditioners, let's now review some of the best York AC units that you should consider buying. Each of these units has been considered carefully to ensure you get the best AC that will serve you for a long time with minimal operation and repair costs.

Best Overall:


  • Compact size suitable for smaller spaces
  • Optimized for use in southwestern US climates
  • Quiet operation with sound levels as low as 70 dB
  • Has steel louver guards to protect coil against damage
  • 14 SEER standard cooling efficiency hence lower running costs due to reduced energy consumption


  • Works best only when installed in the vertical position
  • Difficult to install even for expert HVAC technicians with little knowledge of York ACs

Unit Size/Dimensions: 1.5-5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 14

Home Sq. Ft.: 600-3200

Condenser Fan Motor: Single

Cost of Unit Only: $3385-$4900

Installation Cost: $2215-$2625

Features of the YCS 14 SEER

Users of York YCS 14 SEER air conditioners love them for the durability of internal parts. The coil, which is usually prone to damage, is well protected by the steel louvers against physical damage. YCS air conditioners operate below 70 dB and are comfortably quiet for most home and small office environments. 

What Spaces is the YCS 14 SEER Best For?

YCS 14 SEER ACs are a good choice for use in residential homes and small offices where space is limited and noise levels should remain low to reduce disturbances. Some users have had the ACs installed in holiday homes as a way to reduce costs since they only have to use the air conditioner a few times per year hence do not have to go for a high-end AC. 

Mounting and Installation Options

The YCS 14 SEER ACs are difficult to install, just like most other York air conditioners. The best way to mount the YCS 14 SEER AC is in the vertical position. If your home space is limited, you can have the AC installed in the yard. However, you need to ensure it is well protected from sunlight and rain as water collecting in it can cause malfunctioning. 



  • Thermostat with touch-screens for enhanced control and more comfort
  • Two-stage compressor for quiet operation and better cooling efficiency
  • Uses QuietDrive™ technology to silence vibrations using a composite base and swept-wing fan
  • 19 SEER rating and Energy Star® hence guarantees optimal efficiency and lower costs of operation
  • System control flexibility using either a communication-compatible thermostat or conventional thermostat


  • Wide louvered sides into which debris like leaves gets stuck when mounted outdoors
  • The communication-compatible thermostat has delicate wiring and requires extra care not to damage

Unit Size/Dimensions: 2-5 tons

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 19

Home Sq. Ft.: 1000-3200

Condenser Fan Motor: Two

Cost of Unit Only: $3600-$4900

Installation Cost: $2385-$2625

Features of the YXT 19 SEER

The YXT 19 SEER ACs have QuietDriveTM technology that ensures that sound levels remain at around 67 dB. Users love this feature as it ensures the AC maintains a quiet environment with no noise disturbance. Users also agree the ACs are highly efficient given that they have a SEER rating of 19. Customers thus spend less money on power bills than those using older models over the same period of use. 

What Spaces is the YXT 19 SEER Best For?

YXT 19 SEER air conditioners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation for homes and small offices spanning between 1000sf for the 2-ton AC and 3200sf for the 5-ton AC. They can also be installed in holiday homes, summer homes, and small stores or shops. 

Mounting and Installation Options

YXT 19 SEER ACs are best installed in residential homes in the vertical mounting position. If mounted outdoors, ensure it is in a safe place away from excessive sunlight, debris, and rain. 

Best for the Money:


  • Lifetime warranty on compressor against factory defects
  • High-efficiency and low energy consumption at 21 SEER hence low operation costs
  • Uses QuietDrive™ technology with sound levels as low as 53 dB for reduced noise disturbance
  • Charge Assurance™ technology for faster installations and integrated monitoring of refrigerant charge
  • Variable-capacity hence adjusts cooling capacity and airflow for reduced energy consumption and more comfort


  • Requires special expertise to install correctly
  • Single-phase models consume more energy than the two-stage models

Unit Size/Dimensions: 2-5 tons

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 21

Home Sq. Ft.: 1000-3200

Condenser Fan Motor: Single and two-phase available

Cost of Unit Only: $4760-$6995

Installation Cost: $1340-$2530

Features of the YXV 21 SEER

Users agree that the two-stage models of YXV 21 SEER are highly energy-efficient, leading to lower running costs and thus money saved on power bills. The units are durable and have consistent output throughout the year. Users love the extra comfort the ACs provide since they are compatible with York thermostats that are enabled for WiFi. 

What Spaces is the YXV 21 SEER Best For?

YXV 21 SEER ACs are a good option for both indoor and outdoor installation especially in multi-family setups since they have a high energy-efficiency rate. They can be used in larger homes without the fear of excessive power bills even when left to run continuously for long periods. 

Mounting and Installation Options

The YXV 21 SEER ACs are best installed in residential homes in the vertical mounting position. The installation process is difficult and requires the expertise of a York-certified installer due to the delicate nature of the Charge Assurance™ technology. 

Best York LX Series Air Conditioner:


  • R-410A refrigerant to prevent depletion of ozone hence environment friendly
  • Steel louvers with a powder-coat finish for durability even when installed outdoors
  • Three-phase models available for better efficiency and lower energy consumption
  • Single-stage scroll compressor cools rooms much faster than the three-phase models
  • Uses swept-wing fan blade that helps keeps sound levels to 72 dB for reduced noise distractions


  • Finding a qualified installer is hard since there aren't many who are certified by York
  • Uses delicate MicroChannel coil technology that is prone to failure if installed incorrectly

Unit Size/Dimensions: 1.5-5 tons

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 17

Home Sq. Ft.: 600-3200

Condenser Fan Motor: Single

Cost of Unit Only: $4080-$6150

Installation Cost: $1255-$2300

Features of the YCG 17 SEER

Customers looking for affordable and efficient single-speed air conditioners go for the YCG 17 SEER since the higher rating means that the ACs are more efficient and consume less energy. Single-phase ACs cool the air much faster than their two or three-phase counterparts.

With the YCG 17 SEER series, users also have the liberty to choose three-phase models that cool the air a bit slower but are more energy-efficient and adjust depending on the prevailing temperature conditions within the space. 

What Spaces is the YCG 17 SEER Best For?

YCG 17 SEER ACs are a good option for homes and offices where noise levels have to be kept low. They can be installed either indoors or outdoors depending on the available space. They use the swept-wing fan blade, which is a good option for reducing sound levels to as low as 72 dB. The 17 SEER rating means that they are energy-efficient enough for use in residential homes where power bills have to be kept in check. 

Mounting and Installation Options

YCG 17 SEER ACs are suitable for installation in residential homes. The vertical position is the best option for mounting the air conditioners. When installed outside, ensure the unit is well protected from adverse weather conditions like excessive sunlight, lightning, and rain. It should also be kept away from dust and debris like sticks and leaves as this might get stuck in the coil or fan. 

Best York 3 Ton AC:


  • Compact and slim design to fit smaller spaces 
  • Available in both single and three-phase models for a variety
  • Advanced coil guard to ensure coils stay debris-free for enhanced performance
  • Corrosion-resistant due to automotive grade powder paint hence lasts a long time
  • Compatible with variable-speed indoor blowers to achieve higher energy efficiency of up to 16 SEER


  • Small size and lower efficiency not the best options for bigger spaces
  • Uses MicroChannel coil technology that is riskier since the coils are fragile and leak easily when installed incorrectly

Unit Size/Dimensions: 3 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 14

Home Sq. Ft.: 1600-1900

Condenser Fan Motor: Single

Cost of Unit Only: $4025

Installation Cost: $2510

Features of the TCHE 14 SEER

The TCHE 14 SEER air conditioner from York is highly versatile given its compact and slim design as it requires only six inches for horizontal installation. This is a feature that most recent customers love since they can easily install it in their limited indoor spaces. 

What Spaces is the TCHE 14 SEER Best For?

The TCHE AC is a good option for indoor installation in residential homes. It has a slim design and is thus suitable for mounting on places like windows. Its design also allows for stacking several units to offer more cooling capacity where such need arises. It has an insulated compressor compartment and QuietDrive™ technology with a swept-wing fan to ensure noise levels remain low at 70 dB within tight home spaces. 

Mounting and Installation Options

The TCHE 14 SEER AC is easy to install even without the help of an HVAC technician. It is mounted horizontally and can thus fit small and tight spaces. It is stackable to offer users room for adding more similar ACs where more cooling capacity is needed. 

Best York 4 Ton AC:


  • Available also in single-phase models for users who want faster cooling
  • Two-stage scroll compressor for more efficiency and silence levels at 70 dB
  • 17 SEER energy efficiency with lower power usage hence low-cost power bills
  • Compatible with York Touch-screen thermostat for easy control with just a tap
  • Uses a swept-wing fan blade with an electronically-controlled motor for better performance


  • Difficult to install and requires the help of a York-certified HVAC technician
  • Models with single-stage compressor consume more energy and lead to costlier power bills

Unit Size/Dimensions: 4 ton 

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 17

Home Sq. Ft.: 2200-2600

Condenser Fan Motor: Two

Cost of Unit Only: $4425

Installation Cost: $2570

Features of the YFK 17 SEER

The YFK 17 SEER ACs have a two-stage scroll compressor that users agree is useful for gradual but balanced cooling because the AC can adjust according to the prevailing temperatures within the space. Users who buy the single-phase option love it as it cools the air faster, but this happens with more power consumption.

What Spaces is the YFK 17 SEER Best For?

The YFK 17 SEER is best installed in residential homes and small offices since it has a compact design suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The two-stage compressor also ensures the AC has better humidity control capacity for drier air. It is compatible with York's Touch-screen thermostat so it can be controlled remotely just by touching a button. 

Mounting and Installation Options

This is an efficient air conditioner to install at home or office where space is limited yet an energy-efficient AC is a necessity. The best mounting method is the vertical position either indoors or outdoors. When mounted outdoors, care has to be taken to shield it sufficiently from the wind so that it doesn't overwork and break down early. 

How Do York ACs Compare to Other Popular Brands?

Let's see the comparisons:

York vs Trane Air Conditioners

While both focus on different aspects of air conditioning, York and Trane share some commonalities as well.


Both companies have ACs in single and two-stage cooling controls.

Both brands have top-tier models that use WiFi for smart control and communication.


York offers a 10-year warranty for parts and the compressor for most of its models while Trane offers a 10-year warranty for parts and a 12-year warranty for the compressor. 

High-end Trane ACs have SEER ratings of up to 22 while York only has 21 SEER for its top model. 

Trane ACs so far come in nine models while York ACs so far come in 10 models. 

Trane ACs are made by Ingersoll Rand while York ACs are made by Johnson Controls. 


York vs Goodman Air Conditioners

Goodman is another name brand often brought up against York. So how do they stack up?


Both York and Goodman produce ACs with single or two-stage cooling controls. 

Both companies offer 10-year warranties for parts and the compressor across different models. 

Both brands have high-end models enabled for smart controls and communication using WiFi. 


York air conditioners so far have a 21 SEER rating for the high-end models while Goodman's highest SEER rating so far is only 18 for the high-end models. 

Goodman ACs are made by Goodman Global Inc as a subsidiary of Daikin Group while York ACs are made by Johnson Controls.

York Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Let's now look at some of the common York air conditioner problems and how to handle them. 


York Air Conditioner Red Light Blinking

The red light on your York air conditioner may blink because of several reasons. The indoor air filter may be blocked, or the suction air thermistor may be damaged. It may also happen if the dust collector of the air cleaner is damaged. To ensure you diagnose the exact problem, check the error code shown on the AC's remote control against the explained situation on the user's manual. 

York Air Conditioner Leaking Water

Your York air conditioner may leak if the drain pan is missing or cracked, if the drain line is blocked, or if the air filter is clogged. When the drain pan rusts, cracks, or gets misplaced from below the evaporator coil, there will be water leakages. 

The condensate drain line may also lead to leakages if it is clogged with fungi and algae. To correct this, clean the line by pouring about 5 ounces of vinegar into it every three months to kill the algae and fungi.

Check if the air filter is clogged since this restricts airflow and causes the evaporator coil to drip the excess water. Be sure to change the filter every two to three months to stay clear of this problem. 


If you have been looking for an affordable air conditioner that has lower installation costs and is energy-efficient, then York ACs will serve you well. It is a relatively cheap air conditioning system compared to most other brands that fit the same categories of SEER ratings and with similar designs, parts, and performance. York ACs are also durable and will serve you for a long time without the need for frequent repairs. 

People Also Ask

We understand that you may still have some burning questions about York air conditioners that you would love to get some answers to. This section will do just that to help you gain a deeper understanding of what York has to offer. 

How Long Does a York Air Conditioner Last?

York air conditioners are durable since they have steel louvers and a powder-paint finish for resistance to rust and corrosion. With proper use and maintenance, York air conditioners last for 10 to 15 years. It is possible to extend this duration to 20 to 25 years if you take good care of the AC and have it installed correctly by an expert right from the beginning.

What Kind of Warranty Does York Offer?

York offers three classes of warranties for its products. It offers a 10-year limited warranty on the compressor. Some of the high-end models have a lifetime warranty for the compressor. 

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York also offers a 10-year limited warranty for AC parts. Unlike most other brands, York offers customers a 1-year labor warranty on all its models. 

How To Reset a York Air Conditioner

If your York AC has a reset button, unplug the unit from the power source for about 20 seconds before plugging it in again. Press the reset button for 3-5 seconds to power on the AC. If this fails, locate the circuit breaker panel and flip on the one that is connected to the unit. 

Resetting a York Air Conditioner Without a Reset Button

York AC units without the reset button have a different procedure for resetting. First, make sure all power to the unit is cut and that the unit is fully disconnected from the power source. To do this, start by flipping off the power shut off closest to the outdoor compressor unit. Next, switch off the 240-volt circuit in the main electrical panel.

Now leave the AC for about 30 minutes to drain out all the charge then set it to cool before reconnecting it to the power source. Switch on the 240-volt circuit and then the power shut off closest to the outdoor compressor. Be sure to stick to this order to ensure you rework backward from the way you switched it off the first time. 

Photo credit: allthingshvac.com

How Much is a York Air Conditioner?

The price of a York air conditioner depends on two major factors namely the size and model. Bigger ACs will cost more, as will premium models that have extra features like smart communication controls such as WiFi compatibility. As such, prices range between $2850-$6995 based on the model and $3385-$4900 based on the size in terms of tonnage. 

How To Open a York Air Conditioner Cover

You can use a suitable screwdriver to remove the screws on the body cover. Once the screws are off, unclip the clips at the top that hold the cover in place. Care should be taken not to damage the clips since they are soft and fragile. 

Are York, Luxaire, and Coleman the Same?

York, Luxaire, and Coleman are sister brands owned by Johnson Controls, a popular HVAC manufacturer of heating and air conditioning systems that are recognized globally for efficiency and durability.