American Standard Air Conditioners – 2021 Review

If you're looking to buy a new air conditioner or replace an old one, you may be overwhelmed by all the different HVAC brands on the market.

To make the decision-making process easier, we will explore the different American Standard products, and compare American Standard against other popular air conditioning brands. Our carefully considered list includes air conditioners that will last you a long time and save on energy costs while still offering you reliable cooling performance.

Be sure to read through to the end and come up with a favorite pick from the list. 

Comparison of the Best American Standard Air Conditioners

  • Highlighted by an ozone safe eco-friendly performance
  • Energy efficient and quiet cooling mode
  • Featuring a 10 year limited warranty
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  • Made to last with a scratch-resistant coating
  • Coming at a reasonable price
  • Uses an eco friendly refrigerant
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  • Best for the Money
  • Highlighted by an enhanced humidity control
  • Offers a powerful performance of up to 18 Seer
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  • Best American Standard 14 Seer Air Conditioner
  • Featuring a single cooling stage
  • For areas up to 500 square feet
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  • Best American Standard Central Air Conditioners
  • Made out of premium materials
  • With a quiet performance of less than 4dB
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  • Best American Standard Silver Series Air Conditioner
  • Offering a steady performance of up to 17 Seer
  • Spine fin coil for an energy efficient cooling
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Who is the American Standard?

American Standard is an international company with headquarters in Piscataway, New Jersey, U.S. It is a global manufacturer of first-class HVAC equipment, including American Standard heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. It also deals with plumbing services. 

Who Makes American Standard Air Conditioners?

American Standard is the sole manufacturer of its air conditioners. It has been a leading brand in the HVAC industry for over 130 years. 

Where Are American Standard Air Conditioners Made?

The company has a manufacturing plant in the United States where it has a giant factory that makes and assembles the parts. 

What Makes American Standard Air Conditioners Stand Out From the Competition?

American Standard air conditioners are among the most suitable devices to address your air conditioning needs. The brand wins in energy efficiency by cutting down on energy consumption by a significant margin. 

American Standard air conditioners are designed with durability as a core element. As proof of high quality and durability, buyers even get a 10-year warranty. The company has a responsive customer care system that acts on your concerns instantly. 

These air conditioners are safe for your ears as they produce non-destructive noise levels. The models have a powerful refrigerant that is o-zone safe. 

Review of the Best American Standard AC Units

Several models within the American Standard brand boast unique features to satisfy your air conditioning needs. However, you have to differentiate their capabilities to make an informed decision before settling on one. Here are some of the best American Standard air conditioners.

Best Overall:
Silver 16 Low Profile Air Conditioner 4A7L6060A


  • Has easy installation options
  • Maintains minimum operating noise even when used in the hottest days
  • Uses environmentally friendly refrigerant which is not harmful to the ozone
  • Suitable for constrained areas like under the decks and zero lot line applications 
  • An efficient device that saves 50% of energy costs while eliminating greenhouse emissions


  • Not efficient for wide-open areas
  • Frequent complications on the compressor

Unit Size/Dimensions: 17.5 x 42.75 x 47 Inches

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 16

Home Sq. Ft.: 2600-3200

Condenser Fan Motor: Single

Cost of Unit Only: $2625

Installation Cost: $4952

Features of Silver 16 Low Profile 4A7L6060A Air Conditioner

The Silver 16 Low Profile air conditioner has great characteristics that make it a favorite for many users. First off, the air conditioner is compact enough to suit confined places. Most users agree that the air conditioner saves energy by up to 50%, therefore reducing monthly expenditure on power bills.

What Spaces is Silver 16 Low Profile 4A7L6060A Air Conditioner Best For?

Everyone wants to live and work in a quiet environment, and this air conditioner delivers just that. It is a quiet model that produces tolerable sound levels without causing distractions in the house or office.

This air conditioner works well in small spaces such as condos and under decks. What makes it outstanding is that it required low energy usage and meets international energy standards. 

This American Standard Silver 16 4A7L6060A air conditioner is safe for both indoor and outdoor use as it uses a refrigerant that is safe for the ozone layer. 

Mounting and Installation Option

This air conditioner comes with a ten year warranty period and low noise levels for your auditory safety. Its compact design allows for convenient installation in confined places. If you are tech-savvy you can install it on your own without the help of a professional because the mounting process does not require much skill.

Silver 13 Air Conditioner 4A7A3060


  • Backed by a generous ten-year warranty
  • Economical option that saves 38% of energy consumption 
  • Powerful air conditioner for efficient and reliable cooling to restore comfort
  • Uses environment-friendly refrigerant that does not  destroy the ozone layer
  • Has rust-resistant coating to prevent wear and advance the long-lasting aspect


  • Poor performance when installed incorrectly
  • Consistent fan failure leading to high repair costs

Unit Size/Dimensions: 34 x 37 x 37 Inches

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 13

Home Sq. Ft.: 2600-3200

Condenser Fan Motor: Single

Cost of Unit Only: $3300

Installation Cost: $3800

Features of Silver 13 4A7A3060 Air Conditioner 

The Silver 13 4A7A3060 air conditioner is a long-lasting product. Buyers appreciate the rust-resistant coating, which overcomes wear and tear caused by rusting. Being an economical AC, it is impressive since consumers can lower their monthly energy costs. Most consumers love its compact size, which allows them to install and use it in limited spaces. 

What Spaces is Silver 13 4A7A3060 Air Conditioner Best For?

Silver 13 4A7A3060 is a rugged air conditioner that uses a central air system design to enable efficient cooling for houses with limited open space. The AC complies with government efficiency standards by saving at least 38% of energy to lower costs. This makes it suitable for use in homes and small offices where expenditure on power has to be kept at low levels.

It is also nature-friendly, thanks to the refrigerant used as it does not harm the ozone layer. As such, it is fit for both indoor and outdoor use. 

This 13 SEER air conditioner produces less noise to ensure quietness in your room for consistent tranquility.

The unit has a rust-resistant coating that makes it serve clients for an extended period even when installed outdoors.

Mounting and Installation Options

This air conditioner works best when installed indoors. In situations where indoor space is extremely limited, it is advisable to mount the unit near windows and to provide complementary options for channeling the airflow into the target space. 

Best for the Money:
AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 18 4A7V8060


  • Enhanced humidity control for more comfort
  • Easy to install options requiring minimal skills
  • Uses Accucomfort technology that enhances the cooling aspect 
  • High-quality material construction backed by an extended warranty period
  • AccuComfort air conditioners are among the quietest, with 4dB noise levels below their competitors


  • Rampant reports of motor problems
  • Not compact enough to fit limited places 

Unit Size/Dimensions: 34 x 45 x 37 Inches

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 18

Home Sq. Ft.: 2600-3200

Cost of Unit Only: $4710

Installation Cost: $5575

Features of AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 18 4A7V8060

This air conditioner is popular among buyers because it has a higher SEER rating, which means it is more energy-efficient. Consumers also like this air conditioner because it is super quiet as compared to other American Standard models. Users can use it in confined spaces without crowding.

What Spaces is AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 18 4A7V8060 Best For?

This air conditioner reduces energy usage, thereby lowering the cost of energy. As a variable-speed air conditioner, it provides a better cooling effect over wider areas in homes, offices, and hospitals.

The Accucomfort technology is ideal for providing efficient cooling for more comfort indoors where space is limited and air circulation is poor.

Mounting and Installation Options

AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 18 4A7V8060 is a quiet air conditioner with tolerable noise levels. The product has a good Energy Star rating, meaning it is energy-efficient and helps cut expenditure on power bills. Since it has a rather high installation cost, it is advisable to get a quote from several installation experts to weigh your options especially when you are on a tight budget.

Best American Standard 14 Seer Air Conditioner:
Silver 14 Air Conditioner 4A7A4060


  • A more effective cooling system that covers a broader area
  • Robust and sturdy material construction for a lasting service 
  • Offers minimal operating noise that is not destructive to ears
  • Has a tremendous energy-saving design hence reducing operation costs
  • Has environmental-friendly refrigerant that does not destroy the ozone layer


  • Slightly costly than similar models 
  • Rampant reports of cooling failure after prolonged use

Unit Size/Dimensions: 5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 14

Home Sq. Ft.: 2600-3200

Condenser Fan Motor: Single

Cost of Unit Only: $3530

Installation Cost: $4296

Features of Silver 14 Air Conditioner 4A7A4060

Silver 14 Air Conditioner 4A7A4060 is a favorite among most users given its standard SEER rating of 14. It saves energy and enables users to cut down on power bill expenditure. Clients also appreciate the way the air conditioner provides faster cooling in large rooms even when the circulation of air is unlimited. 

What Spaces is Silver 14 Air Conditioner 4A7A4060 Best For?

Silver 14 air conditioner 4A7A4060 is the right equipment to use when you desire to cool large rooms effectively. This device can save up to 50% of your energy consumption, making it economical for use in such large spaces.

Users enjoy quieter operation modes since the unit runs at low sound levels and is thus suitable for multi-family homes, children's bedrooms, and home workstations for remote workers.

Mounting and Installation Options

The unit provides enough air conditioning for large rooms, and it’s suitable for installation in spaces that have massive airflow as it doesn't overwork or compromise the quality of air. 

Best American Standard Central Air Conditioners:
AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 20 4A7V0061


  • Uses Accucomfort technology for faster cooling
  • Consumes less energy to lower the operating costs
  • Provides better cooling service in a large room effectively
  • Has better operating technology, which makes it 4dB quieter
  • Durable and innovative construction to serve the user for an extended period


  • Requires extensive skills to install
  • Constant cooling failure when used continuously for a long time

Unit Size/Dimensions: 5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 20

Home Sq. Ft.: 2600-3200

Condenser Fan Motor: Both single and two-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $4880

Installation Cost: $5785

Features of AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 20 4A7V0061

Consumers love an energy-efficient product, and this air conditioner delivers just that. Its sturdy and durable materials resist wear and retain high quality to serve users for a long time. Recent buyers love its quiet nature as it operates at 4 dB lower than similar units from the same company.

What Spaces is AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 20 4A7V0061 Best For?

This unit has the edge over its competitors since it is 4 dB quieter than similar models. It also has variable speeds to help minimize power consumption to reduce your monthly energy bills. As such, it is a good option for home and office air conditioning if you have to keep the noise levels and operational costs low.

The unit uses AccuClean air clean technology to ensure the purity of air within the surroundings. It also has enhanced humidity control to provide unmatched comfort. These two aspects make it good for use in spaces like patient rooms, especially for asthmatic patients since it helps keep the moisture content of the air in check.

Mounting and Installation Options

AccuComfort™ Variable Speed Platinum 20 4A7V0061 is a cost-effective air conditioner but one that will cost you more to install especially if you have to enlist the help of an installation technician to help with mounting and initial setup.

Best American Standard Silver Series Air Conditioner:
Silver 16 Air Conditioner 4A7A6061J


  • High-quality design backed by a ten-year warranty
  • Maintains minimal operating noise even on hot days
  • Has a simple installation procedure hence saves on time and setup costs
  • Uses environmental-friendly refrigerant that does not harm the ozone layer 
  • Exceeds government efficiency standards by saving more than 50% cooling energy


  • Water leakages are rampant among recent users
  • Frequent fan failure causes downtime and high repair costs

Unit Size/Dimensions: 34 x 45 x 47 Inches

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 16

Home Sq. Ft.: 2600-3200

Condenser Fan Motor: Single

Cost of Unit Only: $3550

Installation Cost: $ 4952

Features of Silver 16 Air Conditioner 4A7A6061J

This unit operates at lower noise levels and consumers love it as it does not make irritating noises in the room. Most users agree that it is easy to install as you only need to keenly follow some simple steps as outlined in the installation manual. 

What Spaces is Silver 16 Air Conditioner 4A7A6061J Best For?

This unit has a SEER rating of 16 that is two levels higher than the standard Seer rating. This makes it a good option for use in homes, multi-family setups, and small offices where energy consumption is a major concern. Some users have had it installed for air conditioning in greenhouses and small stores for perishable goods. 

Mounting and Installation Options

This air conditioner is simple to install and most users have managed to install it on their own and in this way reduced the total costs by eliminating the need for a technician. The installation instructions are elaborate and simple to understand especially if you have some background knowledge on HVAC systems. 

How Do American Standard ACs Compare to Other Popular Brands?

Now, let's compare them.

American Standard vs Carrier

American Standard air conditioners have quiet operation modes to help reduce noise pollution. They have either single or two-stage cooling to cover a wider area and a rust-resistant coating to prevent any corrosion and ensure durability.

Most Carrier air conditioners also operate at lower noise levels. They also have a high-quality build with a long life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. 

American Standard Air conditioners have superior energy efficiency compared to Carrier ACs.  It is cheaper to maintain a Carrier AC because most American Standard AC components are hard to find and cost more where they are available. 

American Standard vs Trane

The two brands are products from the same parent company known as Ingersoll Rand. They come from the same factory and have similar parts. 

Trane ACs cost more than their American standard counterparts. The pricing difference is because different dealers selling the brands have to do their own marketing, and this reflects in the final unit cost because Trance ACs are less known compared to the American Standard ACs.

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Lennox vs American Standard

Both brands sell their products in three tiers representing low, mid, and premium levels. They all have a sound reduction mechanism to ensure minimal noise while in operation.

The two brands also use a powerful R-410A refrigerant, which is environmentally safe as it does not produce harmful ozone.

Lennox takes the lead in terms of efficiency. For instance, its high-end models have a 26 SEER rating, which means they are a better option for reducing energy consumption. As a result, Lennox ACs come with higher price points than the American Standard ACs.

Rheem vs American Standard

Both American Standard and Rheem AC offer their models in three categories representing basic, medium, and premium levels. The two brands also have energy-efficient mechanisms to help reduce power consumption and lower expenditure on electricity bills. 

Although both Rheem and American Standard AC have an excellent durability reputation, they offer different warranties. For instance, American Standard air conditioners offer a ten-year warranty plus a 12-year warranty on the compressor. Rheem offers a ten-year warranty plus a five-year warranty for compressors. 

Goodman vs American Standard

Both American and Goodman companies market their air conditioners in three tiers and sell in similar price ranges. Similar models with similar features tend to be priced in the same range.

Although the two brands have air conditioners that are energy-efficient depending on their SEER rating, American Standard tends to provide a broader range of efficiency. For example, any American standard air conditioner with a 20 SEER rating can reduce energy consumption by 60% while Goodman's high-end units only have a SEER rating of 18.

Some Goodman models come with a lifetime warranty. On the other hand, the longest warranty one gets from American Standard is 12 years on the compressor. 

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American Standard Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Here are some problems and solutions you might want to know.

My American Standard AC is Not Turning On

Once in a while, your American Standard AC may fail to turn on. Before calling for repair help, check if there is a blown fuse or tripped breaker. You should also check the thermostat settings. If there is a power surge, the air conditioner can turn itself off as a safety mechanism. 

Why Do I Have Inadequate Airflow in an American Standard AC?

The root cause may be a dirty air filter. You can correct this by replacing the filter if it has any signs of dust or dirt accumulation. A dirty condenser coil may also result in reduced airflow. Be sure to check this and clean up the coil if there is any dirt or debris on it.

Why is My American Standard AC Not Cooling?

You can correct this by checking the thermostat settings. Power on the AC and adjust the thermostat settings to low first then higher as you observe what changes occur. You should also look around for the possibility of open windows since they result in excessive in-flow of air, which can lower the cooling power of the AC. 

My American Standard AC is Making Strange Vent Noises

A noisy American Standard AC may be an indicator of a clogged filter or worn-out system components. Also, check for poorly installed components. Check to see if the system may have inadequately sized air ducts. 


American Standard Air Conditioners are among the most suitable devices to meet your air conditioning needs. They are safe to use indoors since they operate on low noise modes. More importantly, these air conditioners are energy efficient and come in compact sizes to fit limited spaces well. Choosing the best fit depends on factors such as your budget, the size of the space where the AC will be used, and the energy-efficiency levels you would love to achieve.

People Also Ask

Do you have any burning questions concerning American Standard Air Conditioners? In this section, we will respond to some of the most frequent queries that users or new buyers ask to help you understand the products from a broader perspective. 

How Long Do American Standard Air Conditioners Last?

High-end models provide long-lasting service with the best range lying between 10 to 15 years. However, the duration depends on how you handle them. You can follow the instructions from the manuals to understand maintenance procedures and ensure your AC remains intact and operational for the longest time possible.

How Much Is An American Standard Air Conditioner?

The pricing of American Standard Air Conditioners depends on different factors. They include the type of the model, the air conditioner's size, and the installation cost. Generally, most American Standard ACs cost between $2250 and $8750.

How To Clean American Standard Air Conditioner

Disconnect the air conditioner from the power source. Check for any molds in the system. Detach the outer case and access the panel. Clean and lubricate the fan. Brush off the surface dirt and clean the air conditioner coils. Wind up by inspecting the coil fins for possible damages before you reassemble the air conditioner unit. 

Is American Standard a Good Brand?

American Standard is among the most renowned brands recognized by HVAC technicians and consumers across the world. It is a reliable brand given its high-quality and highly durable air conditioning units. It makes energy-efficient ACs that are safe for use as they reduce greenhouse emissions and produce operate at low noise levels suitable for home and small office settings.

Are American Standard & Trane The Same?

Both American Standard and Trane are fairly similar products owned by a common parent company, Ingersoll Rand. Ingersoll Rand manufactures the two brands in the same factory but markets them under different brand names.