Goodman AC Reviews – 2021 Round-up

Air conditioning is something you barely notice when it's working right, and a constant, sweaty annoyance when it isn't. Investing in a high-quality air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable in your home or office, whatever the weather outside. However, finding the right air conditioner can be difficult given the many choices available.

In this article, we will look at different air conditioners from Goodman, a leading manufacturer of air conditioning products. We will consider important aspects such as SEER ratings, spaces where you can use each, cost per unit, and the features that make Goodman ACs stand out from the competition. 

Be sure to read through to the end for the answers to common questions on Goodman and its air conditioning equipment.

Our Top Picks for Goodman Air Conditioners

  • Superb performance
  • Efficient motor
  • Weighs 207 pounds
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  • 10 Year warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • Up to 14 Seer
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  • Best for the Money
  • 36,000 BTU
  • Aluminum fin coil
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Comparison of the Best Goodman Air Conditioners

  • Superb performance at 36,000 British Thermal Units
  • Highlighted by an efficient motor of 850RPM
  • Rugged structure weighing at about 207 pounds
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  • Highlighted by a 10 year limited warranty
  • Made to provide energy efficient cooling
  • Goes as high as 14 Seer
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  • Best for the Money
  • With a cooling capacity of 36,000BTU
  • The fin coil is made out of premium aluminum
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  • Best Goodman Central Air Conditioner
  • Coming with a 10 year limited warranty on parts
  • With a tonnage rating of 3
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  • Best Goodman 3 Ton AC
  • Offers a reliable PSC blower motor
  • Internal relief valve for a more reliable performance
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  • Best Goodman 5 Ton AC
  • Can cover areas up to 2000 square feet
  • Highlighted by a seasonal energy efficiency rating of 14
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Who is Goodman? 

Goodman is a household name in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry. The global brand is famous for producing high-quality, energy-efficient, and reliable HVAC equipment.

The American company capitalizes on technology to offer a state of the art cooling system for maximum comfort.

Who Makes Goodman Air Conditioners?

Goodman air conditioners are made by an American company- Goodman Global Inc., which operates as an independent subsidiary of Daikin Group.

Where Are Goodman Air Conditioners Made?

Goodman has never moved manufacturing locations since its inception in 1975. All its HVAC products are made in Houston, Texas in the USA under the parent company, Daikin Group.

Who Owns Goodman AC?

Harold V. Goodman was the owner from 1975 until he died in 1996. Goodman has since undergone several ownership transfers. The present owner since 2012 is Daikin Industries Ltd, a Japanese company with operations in Houston, Texas USA.

How Long Has Goodman Been Around?

Founded in the year 1975 as manufacturers of plastic blade registers and flexible air ducts before turning to HVAC products in 1982, Goodman has been in the market for five and a half decades now.

Review of the Best Goodman Air Conditioners

Let's now look at some of the best air conditioners manufactured by Goodman Global Inc.

Best Overall:
Goodman GSX160361

Goodman R-410a GSX160361 Air Conditioner, Gray


  • Energy efficient with a SEER rating of up to 16
  • Copper coils with aluminum fins for efficient heat absorption and transfer
  • 10-year parts warranty after predefined online registration within 60 days
  • Lug-connections are suitable for ground wiring and use with large screw lugs
  • Factory-installed filter dryer for absorbing and filtering residual system contaminants


  • Short whole unit warranty of 2 years
  • Not compatible with ComfortBridge technology

Unit Size/Dimensions: 3 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 16

Home Sq. Ft.: 1,600-1,900

Condenser Fan Motor: Two-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $2,400

Features of the Goodman GSX160361

The Goodman GSX160361 comes with up to 850rpm condenser fan motors for optimized cooling efficiency.

The GSX160361 air conditioner is ETL and AHRI Certified.

Users agree that the unit is highly durable with a paint finish that can withstand up to 500 hours of salt spray. The cabinet is steel-galvanized for enhanced durability.

What Spaces is the GSX160361 Best For?

Goodman GSX160361 is made with great precision to suit a variety of environments including:

Office spaces and patient rooms where noise is a concern. This model also works well for light sleepers due to its extremely quiet operation modes.

The model is also appropriate for commercial use such as installing in a restaurant or even conference rooms.

Goodman GSX160361 also uses rust-resistant screws that work best when mounted outdoors in harsh climates.

Mounting and Installation Options

Goodman GSX160361 is designed for outdoor installation. It comes with rust-resistant screws for outdoor installation. The factory-installed filter driers also cut on both time and cost during contractor installation. Its service valves and gauge ports are easily accessible.

Goodman GSX140301

Goodman 2.5 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner GSX140301


  • Extremely silent operation
  • Compact size for small to medium-sized houses
  • A SEER rating of 14, which is the standard for energy efficiency
  • 10-year warranty for all parts after predefined online registration with the manufacturer
  • Factory-installed filter drier for the absorption and filtering of residual system contaminants


  • Comes with a single-stage cooling control
  • Federal guidelines restrict installation in some states

Unit Size/Dimensions: 2.5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 14

Home Sq. Ft.: 1,300-1,600

Condenser Fan Motor: Single-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $2,300

Features of the Goodman GSX140301

The GSX140301 has a standard SEER rating of 14, which is 5-7% energy efficient compared to lower models. Copper tubing and aluminum fan coils help in enhancing heat absorption.

At 2.5 tons, the Goodman GSX140301 air conditioner works well in medium-sized homes.

The factory-installed filter driers reduce wear and tear as users do not have to install them on their own and the drying is done internally without opening the conditioner.

What Spaces is the GSX140301 Best For?

Goodman GSX140301 is a favorite model with most homeowners because of its standard SEER rating.

GSX140301's silent operation at 72dB also makes it ideal for both light sleepers and children's rooms.

The compact size makes the GSX140301 model a favorite for medium-sized houses and individual cooling for office spaces.

The baked-on paint and the galvanized steel cabinet are designed for long-lasting outdoor installation as they enhance its ability to withstand harsh weather.

Mounting and Installation Options

This Goodman unit is designed for outdoor installation. The air conditioner has service valves with sweat connections and easily accessible gauge ports that make installation hassle-free. 

For easy maintenance, it has both side and top access on the outer casing.

Best for the Money:
Goodman GSX140361

Goodman 3 Ton 14 SEER Air Conditioner GSX140361


  • Average energy-efficiency with a SEER rating of 14 
  • Steel louvered coil guards for enhanced protection from external threats 
  • High-efficiency Copeland scroll compressors for enhanced smooth operation
  • Durable with galvanized-steel and baked-on painted finish on its condenser cabinet
  • 10 years warranty for both compressor and parts after procedural online registration with the manufacturer


  • Single-stage condenser fan with lower cooling capacity
  • Installation restriction in some states due to efficiency level issues

Unit Size/Dimensions: 3 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 14

Home Sq. Ft.: 1,600-1,900

Condenser Fan Motor: Single-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $1,100-$2,400

Features of the Goodman GSX140361

Goodman GSX140361 has a sleek architectural design of gray powder-paint finish and is salt-spray approved, capable of withstanding up to 500 hours of salt spray exposure.

For easy and quick maintenance, the GSX140361 offers top and side access. 

Users love the air conditioner as it is made with great precision, with sound-dampening attributes like the louvered sound control. They also love the easy-access gauge ports and service valves with sweat connections that help ease maintenance and time spent installing the unit.

What Spaces is the GSX140361 Best For?

The 3-ton GSX140361 unit can cover a medium-sized home in ideal climates.

The strong build with louvered coils and galvanized-steel on the condenser cabinet allows GSX140361 to easily withstand uncovered outdoor installation.

With a low noise level of 73dB, GSX140361 would also work well for light sleepers and baby rooms.

Goodman GSX140361 will also be ideal for cooling rooms meant for storing delicate products like photographs, musical instruments, and even artwork.

Mounting and Installation Options

The installation of Goodman GSX 140361 is made easier by the ready gauge ports and service valves that come with the unit.

The durable build and rust-resistant screws allow for outdoor installation in any climate.

Best Goodman Central Air Conditioner:
Goodman 13 SEER Multi-Speed

Goodman 3 Ton 13 SEER Multi Speed Central Air Conditioner Split System - Multiposition


  • Compact size ideal for small and medium-sized rooms
  • Comes with contactors with lug connections for voltage flow reliability
  • Factory-installed filter driers for the absorption of residual contaminants
  • 10 years warranty for parts with predefined registration guidelines followed
  • At 13 SEER rating, its energy efficiency remains within the recommended range 


  • Accessories like thermostat and line sets sold separately
  • Installation restriction in some states due to low-efficiency rating

Unit Size/Dimensions: 3 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 13

Home Sq. Ft.: 1,500-1,800

Condenser Fan Motor: Single-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $1,800-$2,400

Features of the Goodman 13 SEER Multi-Speed

The Goodman 13 SEER Multi-Speed has a strong build with a heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet.

This model also has an attractive architectural design with a gray powder-paint finish and is salt spray protected. Most recent buyers love this design as it blends easily with most of their home environment.

Also included are sweat connection service valves and easy-access gauge ports for ease of maintenance. 

What Spaces is the Goodman 13 SEER Multi-Speed Best For?

This strong build AC is suitable for a wider range of options for outdoor installation.

A fully insulated rust-resistant cabinet makes installation possible in any climate or places under a shade when using outdoors on a sunny day.

It also works well for medium-sized homes.

The quiet operation also makes Goodman 13 SEER Multi-Speed ideal for light sleepers and for use in patient rooms where noise levels have to be kept low.

Mounting and Installation Options

The AC is easy to install, thanks to easy-access gauge ports and service valves with sweat connections.

The factory-installed filter drivers cut both installation time and cost since no additional refrigerant will be needed.

Best Goodman 3 Ton AC:
Goodman GPC1436H41

Goodman 3 Ton 14 Seer Package Air Conditioner GPC1436H41


  • Comes fully charged and tested as per factory standards
  • Sleek architectural design comprising grey powder-paint finish
  • Sturdy and durable with heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet build
  • Energy-efficient with up to 14 SEER rating which is within the approved efficiency range
  • 10 years warranty for both parts and compressor if installation guidelines and online registration is followed


  • Noisy at levels up to 78dB
  • Comes with single-stage cooling control

Unit Size/Dimensions: 3 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 14

Home Sq. Ft.: 1,600-1,900

Condenser Fan Motor: Single-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $2,100-$ 2,400

Features of the Goodman GPC1436H41

Goodman GPC1436H41 is a highly efficient compressor that comes with internal relief valves. The louvered coil protection for the condenser enhances the units' durability. For easier maintenance, the GPC1436H41 has fully-insulated blower compartments with easy to access panels. This is a favorite feature for most recent buyers since they do not have to enlist the services of a professional to carry out maintenance duties.

What Spaces is the GPC1436H41 Best For?

The enclosed power motors together with the galvanized-steel cabinet make Goodman GPC1436H41 reliable enough for outdoor installation and use. At 14 SEER rating, Goodman GPC1436H41 is an ideal AC for small to medium-sized rooms.

The Goodman GPC1436H41 is also compact enough for individual-room air conditioning in office spaces.

Mounting and Installation Options

This AC has reduced installation costs since it comes fully charged and tested from the factory with no need for the additional refrigerant. 

For field installation, the package comes with 5kW to 20kW electric kit.

Best Goodman 5 Ton AC:
Goodman GSX140601

5 Ton 14 Seer Goodman Air Conditioner - GSX140601


  • 10-year parts warranty after registration with the manufacturer
  • Comes with steel louvered coil guards for improved heat transfer
  • Galvanized-steel approved for up to 500 hours salt spray hence durable
  • Factory-installed filter drier for the absorption of residual system contaminants
  • Easy access gauge ports alongside service valves with sweat connections for hassle-free maintenance


  • Single-stage cooling control thus lower efficiency
  • Installation restriction in some states due to low efficiency

Unit Size/Dimensions: 5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 14

Home Sq. Ft.: 2,600-3,200

Condenser Fan Motor: Single-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $2,590-$ 3,000

Features of the Goodman GSX140601

Goodman GSX140601 comes with an energy-efficient Copeland scroll compressor.

It has copper coils with aluminum fins for improved heat transfer.

Goodman GSX140601 is AHRI-certified and ETL-listed.

The unit also offers top and side maintenance access.

Goodman GSX140601 has an attractive architectural design with a gray powder-paint finish that most users love for the way it blends with the home or office environment. It is tested and approved for the 500-hour salt spray check and is thus rated highly durable. 

What Spaces is the GSX140601 Best For?

Goodman GSX140601 can be used in multiple environments owing to its many unique features.

The unit will work well in baby rooms and office environments where noise is a concern.

It is also suitable for outdoor placement to cool your home since it has a very strong build and will withstand the harshest climate conditions.

It is a good fit for commercial use in rooms with high heat-generating electronics like servers and other computer systems.

Mounting and Installation Options

For easy installation, Goodman GSX140601 comes with service valves with sweat connections and easy-access gauge ports.

The unit has both top and side access on its casing for quick access to the warranty information and easy maintenance.

What Makes Goodman Air Conditioners Stand Out From the Competition?

Goodman air conditioners have stood the test as among the most durable air conditioners. They have a lifespan of 15-20 years with good maintenance. 

Rust-free screws, steel louvered coil guards, galvanized-steel, and baked-on paint finish on their condensers make them stand out.

Goodman ACs also offer very long warranty periods of up to 10 years for both the unit and parts for some of its models.

Considering that most homeowners depend on local HVAC dealers for recommendations when either replacing or shopping for a new air conditioner, Goodman has invested a lot in its customer care service for a great customer experience and good reputation among its competitors.

How Does Goodman Compare?

Several players in the HVAC market are competing to offer the best air conditioning solutions. Goodman is a strong contender, but so are premium brands like Amana or Trane.

Let's see how some of these brands compare with Goodman.

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Goodman vs Trane

These two brands often go head to head. Here is how they measure up to one another.


Both have enhanced diagnostic memories that store data on the problems the air conditioner might have faced. This is helpful to the technicians during repairs.

Both brands have models with single and two-stage condenser fan controls.

Goodman and Trane have a 10-year warranty on their parts.

Both brands have full-side louvered panels.


Goodman uses copper coils with aluminum fins whereas Trane ACs uses all-aluminum two-row spine fins.

Goodman uses a matched indoor air handler for humidity control while Trane needs a matched indoor variable-speed blower.

Goodman air conditioners have a maximum SEER rating of 18 while Trane's highest rating is 20.

Goodman ACs are made by Goodman Global Inc, a subsidiary of Daikin Group while Trane products are made by Ingersoll Rand (IR).

Ameristar vs Goodman

How does Ameristar compare to Goodman air conditioners? Here are some helpful considerations.


Both companies make durable products with galvanized-steel and powder paint finish for corrosion resistance. Both AC units also have salt spray protection.

Both models have a warranty of up to 10-years for their parts.

Goodman GSX160361


Goodman products have higher SEER ratings at 18, which is more efficient compared to Ameristars' highest at 16. 

Goodman has models in both single and two-stage control whereas Ameristar has single-stage control on all its models.

Ameristar air conditioners have a generally loud operation with up to 76dB compared to Goodman's quiet models with as low as 72dB of noise.

Goodman has over seven models of ACs to choose from whereas Ameristar is limited to only three models so far. 

Goodman vs American Standard

Both of these are reputable brands. But what do they have in common and where do they differ?


Both brands have models in single and two-stage speed controls.

Goodman and American Standard ACs have models with diagnostic memories for AC problems data storage.

Both models have smart control on their top models operated via apps on both Android and iOS.

Both products are manufactured in the USA.


American Standard ACs have more efficiency level with up to 22 SEER rating compared to Goodman at 18 for its top model.

Goodman ACs use copper coils with aluminum fins while American Standard uses spine fins.

Goodman vs Lennox

We can't leave Lennox off the list. Here's how Goodman stacks up.


Both brands have models with condenser fan motor controls in single and two-stage.

Goodman and Lennox ACs use copper coils with aluminum fins.

Both products are manufactured by US companies.


Goodman air conditioners are less energy efficient at only 18 SEER ratings for their top models compared to Lennox ACs with up to 26 SEER ratings.

Ruud vs Goodman

Another brand often discussed next to Goodman, is Ruud. So which comes out on top? Here are the facts so you can decide for yourself.


Both brands have AC models in low, mid, and high-end tiers.

Ruud and Goodman ACs have models that run in both single and two-stage cooling controls.

Both companies manufacture their products in the USA.


Ruud air conditioners are more energy-efficient with higher SEER ratings at 20 for its top model compared to Goodman with SEER ranges of between 13-18.

Goodman air conditioners have over seven units to choose from whereas Ruud ACs are currently limited to six options.

Payne vs Goodman

Wondering how Payne compares? Here are some helpful comparisons.

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Both Payne and Goodman ACs meet the minimum energy efficiency requirement of 13 SEER.

Both products meet EPA guidelines and are ENERGY STAR designated.

Both products are manufactured in the USA.


Payne brand has only three models PA17NA, PA16NA, and PA13NA to choose from whereas Goodman has more than seven models you can choose from.

Goodman's top AC brand is more energy efficient with a SEER rating of 18 while Paynes' most energy-efficient model is PA17NA at just 17 SEER.

Payne's 10-year warranty covers both parts and compressors whereas Goodman's 10-year warranties differ for select model units and parts after predefined registration.

Goodman vs Bryant 

One last brand you may wonder about is Bryant. The company has a loyal following but how do their products compare to Goodman?


Both brands have AC models with both single and two-stage cooling controls.

Both Bryant and Goodman manufacture their products in the USA.

Both brands have thermostat functionality on their high-end models.

Bryant and Goodman offer a 10-year warranty for their parts.


Bryant air conditioners have SEER ratings of between 13 and 21 while Goodman ACs range between 13-18.

Bryant has over 15 models to choose from including 5-stage control models while Goodman has only seven models with single and two-stage controls.

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Goodman Air Conditioner Ratings 

Knowing what the various ratings are and how they are determined will help you decide on what rating you need for your space. 

How Are Goodman Air Conditioners Rated?

Generally, AC levels fall into three tiers with the basic level being 13 SEER rating, which is the lowest. For example, Goodman 13 SEER Multi-Speed with SEER 13 falls in the basic level of Goodman ACs.

The second tier is the midrange that includes SEER 14 and 15 and includes Goodman GPC1436H41, Goodman GSX140301,  Goodman GSX140361, and Goodman GSX140601.

The high-end levels of 16 and above feature units such as Goodman GSX160361, which has a SEER rating of 16.

Goodman SEER ratings top out at 18-19, with the Goodman GSXC18 air conditioning unit.

These are the standard ratings according to the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI).

Goodman AC Troubleshooting

Just like any other appliance, Goodman air conditioners experience problems from time to time that may either require a qualified professional to fix or just a simple diagnosis on your own.

Here are a few common AC problems that might require minor troubleshooting to get your appliance running normally again.

How To Fix a Noisy Central Air Conditioner

Fan motors for the condenser may wear out after some time and result in high noise levels. To rectify this, rotate the fan motor using your hands to check the status of the bearings. If the motor doesn't rotate smoothly, consider replacing it. 

A defective or loose fan blade may also be the cause of a noisy AC. Tighten the fan motor shaft if it's loose, or replace the screws. If the noise doesn't stop, it's time to get a new fan blade.

My Central Air Conditioner Does Not Cool

This may occur as a result of a defective contactor. Use a multimeter to test if the contactors are transferring consistent voltage to the condensing unit. If it lacks continuity, consider replacing the contactor.

Goodman 13 SEER Multi Speed

These are minor problems you can diagnose and correct on your own once you know what to look out for. However, consider seeking the services of a qualified HVAC system technician if you are unsure about anything.


Goodman air conditioners are available in many different models as we have seen above. From this round-up, it's quite evident that all Goodman models share similar operational features, apart from SEER ratings. 

Depending on where you live, you need to pay close attention to SEER ratings since some states restrict the installation of units that do not meet their minimum efficiency requirements.

People Also Ask

Goodman is a leading HVAC brand sought out by many people for air conditioning solutions.

Below are some common questions people ask before acquiring or upgrading to a better Goodman AC.

What Kind of Warranty Does Goodman Offer?

Goodman ACs offer some of the most favorable warranty covers.

Goodman ACs come with a limited two or five-year warranty for parts. Once predefined registration conditions are met including registration within 60 days, the warranty coverage for parts is stretched for up to 10 years.

Goodman also offers up to 10 years of limited warranty for its select models and a lifetime compressor warranty after predefined conditions are met. 

How Long Should a Goodman AC Unit Last?

Goodman ACs are made with great precision when it comes to durability. The attention given to its parts like galvanized-steel paint finish on the condenser cabinet makes it corrosion-free even when used in harsh climates.

With proper maintenance, which includes annual servicing, Goodman ACs will last for between 15-20 years or more.

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How Much Does a Goodman Air Conditioner Cost? 

Goodman offers up to seven different models with varying prices. 

The cheapest AC unit from Goodman, which is about 1.5 ton in size, costs $1,100 minus the installation cost. The most expensive model costs around $4,200 before installation, which is charged separately.

It's worth noting that the prices might differ depending on the location and the dealer.

Where is the Filter on a Goodman Air Conditioner?

Goodman air conditioners are available in different models. This means that the location of the filter may vary from one AC model to the other. 

However, generally, the Goodman AC filter will always be located on the bottom at the side of the AC.

If you still have the user's manual, you can confirm from it if you are unable to locate its position.

Is Goodman a Good AC Unit?

Goodman air conditioners meet most of the requirements that make a good AC. They have standard efficiency rates, are very durable, and also come in a variety of models that address your unique requirements. 

Coupled with long warranty periods and affordable installation rates, Goodman ACs rank among the best cooling solutions available on the market.