Ruud Air Conditioner Reviews – 2021 Brand Overview

There are several brands on the market to choose from for your air conditioning needs. While most of these are sister companies making near-similar brands, some exist on their own and manufacture only one line of air conditioners. We have realized over time that most consumers are usually lost on what brand to settle on, especially when two or more brands are from the same parent company. 

Your search for a favorite brand ends today. In this article, we will consider some of the best Ruud air conditioners available for your taking. These are fairly cheap ACs that are highly suitable for users on limited budgets as they have lower purchase and installation costs compared to most other brands. 

Be sure to follow closely to the end.

Comparison of the Best Ruud Air Conditioners

  • Best Overall and Best Central AC
  • Long lasting powder coating paint system
  • Highlighted by high and low pressure modes
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  • Simple to adjust fan motor harness
  • Highlighted by an external port gauge access
  • Coming with a sturdy composite base pan
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  • Best for the Money
  • Offering a quiet operation and smooth performance
  • With a 10 year warranty on all conditional parts
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  • Best Ruud 5 Ton AC
  • Highlighted by a modern and attractive design
  • Featuring a triple service access for easy maintenance
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  • Best Ruud 3 Ton AC
  • Running with an efficient scroll compressor
  • Highlighted by a Seer of 16 and Eer of 13
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Who is Ruud? 

Ruud is a renowned manufacturer of heating and air conditioning appliances. The company was established by Edwin Ruud, the first person to make a successful automatic water heater. The company began making heating and air conditioning equipment in the 1950s and has so far grown to become one of the leading companies in the HVAC industry. 

What Makes Ruud Air Conditioners Stand Out From the Competition?

Unlike other AC brands, Ruud ACs come with scroll compressors, which are a better option since they result in less friction and are more durable. Since the compressor is one of the most expensive parts of any AC, using the highly durable scroll compressors saves users the costs of regular compressor replacements.

Unique Features Offered By Ruud

Ruud offers ACs in three tiers between Ultra Series, Achiever Series, and the Value Series. The Achiever Plus and Ultra models offer the unique EcoNet technology that ensures the ACs have negligible greenhouse emission, less noise, and do not produce ozone that is detrimental to both human and animal life. 

Who Makes Ruud Air Conditioners?

Ruud air conditioners are made by Rheem Manufacturing Company, which is a subsidiary of Paloma Industries.

Where Are Ruud ACs Made?

Ruud ACs are made in the United States. The Rheem Manufacturing Company has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Review of the Best Ruud AC Units

Now that we have a basic insight into the background information about Ruud ACs, let's see some of the best air conditioners the brand has to offer. Every item in the list is carefully considered and checked for durability, efficiency, and ease of use. Be sure to find the one that will best address your specific air conditioning needs. 

Best Overall and Best Central AC:
Ruud Ultra UA20


  • Easy installation as it has two fasteners
  • Cabinets are designed for protection from adverse weather
  • Quiet operation as the sound is dampened by the fan base
  • Optimized for uninterrupted airflow with low sound levels to reduce noise disturbance
  • Two sturdy fasteners hold the caps during regular check so the air conditioner remains fully accessible


  • Most customers find the unit difficult to operate
  • The compressor wears out fast and requires regular maintenance

Unit Size/Dimensions: 1.5-5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 20

Home Sq. Ft.: 600-3200 ft

Condenser Fan Motor: Single-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $1850

Installation Cost: $4025

Features of the Ruud Ultra UA20

This AC has a higher SEER rating of 20, which means it has high energy-efficiency levels and cuts back on power bills.

Users love it for its ability to control noise production. This is achieved in two ways. The base pan dampens the sound from coming out of the AC while the fan is optimized to reduce the sound that comes from the machine. 

What Spaces is the Ruud Ultra UA20 Best For?

It works well in both cold or hot weather conditions. The compressors are able to regulate the cooling effect depending on the temperatures prevailing within the space. The unit is a good choice for home air conditioning since it assures users of comfort at lower costs due to the high energy efficiency.

Mounting and Installation Options

The installation of the Ruud UA20 is an easy process that tech-savvy users can handle on their own by following the instructions correctly. However, it is advisable to seek out the services of a technician to help you with the installation and mounting.

Ruud Achiever Plus RA17


  • Sturdy construction material to boost durability 
  • Lighter than most other units from the same company
  • Noise is minimal owing to the use of improved compressor and fan
  • Easier accessibility of the internal units as there are only two fastening nuts
  • Rust-resistant screws ensure the unit remains easy to open in case of repairs


  • No application of capillary coils to the units
  • Installation is difficult and requires hiring a reliable technician 

Unit Size/Dimension: 1.5-5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 17

Home Sq. Ft.: 600-3200 ft

Condenser Fan Motor: Two-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $1680

Installation Cost: $3720

Features of the Ruud Achiever Plus UA17

Users love this AC as it adds to the aesthetic appeal in their spaces. The cabinets have a unique design that is more appealing to the eye. It has a two-stage compressor that helps in regulating temperature.

The screws are rust-resistant and have undergone 1500-hour non-stop testing to ensure they are capable of holding parts of the unit tight together.

What Spaces is the Ruud Achiever Plus UA17 Best For?

This AC works well in both cool and hot climatic conditions. Given its low noise levels of 58dB, it is a good option for use in homes and small office setups where noise levels have to be kept low to minimize disturbances.

Mounting and Installation Options

The fasteners have to be installed in a way there is easy access to the internal parts. Extra care should be taken to ensure the unit is properly fixed to minimize instances of water leakages. The instruction manual is elaborate and easy to understand and comes in handy in the installation process if you are not so tech-savvy. However, you can enlist the help of an HVAC technician to ensure you install it correctly.

Best for the Money:
Ruud Achiever RA13


  • Resistant to corrosiveness due to the compact design
  • Maintains low noise levels hence suitable for use in babies' rooms
  • Supports accessories for humidifiers to offer better air conditioning 
  • Has two fasteners for both high and low pressure for easier accessible internal units
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications on the balcony, kitchen area, or inside the house


  • SEER rating lower than the recommended level of 14
  • Higher installation costs for a unit with a 13 SEER rating

Unit Size/Dimensions: 1.5-5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 13

Home Sq. Ft.: 600-3200 ft

Condenser Fan Motor: Two-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $990

Installation Cost: $3100

Features of the Ruud Achiever RA13

Most users agree that the unit produces less noise and is a good choice for babies' or patients' rooms. It has a composite base pan that helps in dampening the sound. The unit has fewer fasteners hence easy to open for regular checks or repairs. 

What Spaces is the Ruud Achiever RA13 Best For?

Since it has low noise levels, the unit is suitable for spaces where utmost silence is required. This can be at home in children's rooms, small offices, or patient's rooms in small hospitals. Some users have successfully installed and used it in small stores for the provision of air conditioning for perishable goods. 

Mounting and Installation Options

The Ruud Achiever RA 13 is suitable for both outdoor and indoor installation and can be mounted on the balcony, kitchen area, or inside the house. For best results and more efficiency, it is best mounted indoors where there is less airflow since too much airflow would cause it to overwork hence reducing its efficiency.

Best Ruud 5 Ton AC:
Ruud Achiever UA17


  • The curved panel is coiled for stronger and lighter cabinets
  • Composite base helps in dampening the sound to lower noise levels
  • Rust-resistant screws to ensure the unit parts remain easily accessible
  • SEER rating well above the standard of 14 hence an energy-efficient AC
  • Long-lasting professionally coated finish to enhance resistance to corrosion


  • Does not have capillary tubes installed
  • Warranty not transferable during relocation

Unit Size/Dimensions: 1.5-5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 17

Home Sq. Ft.: 600-3200 ft

Condenser Fan Motor: Two-stage

Cost of Unit Only: $1480

Installation Cost: $3620

Features of the Ruud Achiever UA17

The unit has two fasteners so it is easy to disassemble and reassemble for routine check or repairs.  The fan base is optimized to reduce noise production and ensure the unit runs in quiet mode for long hours. The noise levels remain constant at 72dB, making a favorite option for users who prefer moderately quiet environments for work or general living.

What Spaces is the Ruud Achiever UA17 Best For?

This AC unit performs best in cooler climatic conditions. It is recommended to only use it for air conditioning in homes with the outdoor or indoor mounting option. However, care should be taken when mounted outdoors to ensure the unit is not subject to extreme airflow that would cause it to overwork and compromise efficiency.

Mounting and Installation Options

This AC can be installed both indoors or outdoors. When mounted outdoors, it is advisable to enlist the help of an HVAC technician to ensure it is placed in the right place where airflow is constant and the unit is protected from harsh weather conditions.

Best Ruud 3 Ton AC:
Ruud Achiever RA16


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor mounting
  • Environment-friendly since its refrigerant does not produce ozone
  • Easy to set up and use even without the help of an HVAC technician
  • Rust-resistant screws that have undergone a 1500-hour salt testing for strength
  • Easy accessibility since it has fewer fasteners hence saves time during cleaning and repairs


  • Frequent leakages that are costly to correct
  • Has fewer fasteners and may not be adequately secure when installed

Unit Size/Dimensions: 1.5-5 ton

Energy Efficiency (SEER): 16

Home Sq. Ft.: 600-3200 ft

Condenser Fan Motor: Single 

Cost of Unit Only: $1205

Installation Cost: $3505

Features of the Ruud Achiever RA17

Being an EcoNet-enabled AC, it has high-efficiency and remains safe for use in human environments. The noise level is 58db, making it a favorite option among light sleepers and families with small children.

What Spaces is the Ruud Achiever RA17 Best For?

The Ruud Achiever RA17 is a good option for installation in homes with small children since it has low noise levels at 58dB. It is also a favorite among light sleepers as it does not interrupt sleeping times when left on throughout the night. Small offices may also find this AC a good fit given the low noise levels and the high SEER rating of 17, which implies that it is an energy-efficient air conditioner.

Mounting and Installation Option

When mounting the unit, it should be placed horizontally to ensure there are no risks for leakages. Care should be taken when installing outdoors to ensure it is kept in a strategic place with balanced airflow and enough shielding from extreme sunlight or rain.

How Do Ruud ACs Compare?

Let's see how they compare.

Ruud vs Rheem Air Conditioners

Ruud and Rheem are sister brands so what sets each apart from the other?


Both Ruud and Rheem air conditioners are made by the same company- Paloma Industries. 


Rheem ACs are quieter than the Ruud ACs. 

The construction model of Ruud is more solid than that of Rheem AC units.

Ruud vs American Standard Air Conditioners

American Standard makes comparable ACs, so how do they stack up against Ruud?


Both brands have both single and two-stage compressors on their ACs. 


American Standard ACs are pricier than the Ruud counterparts since they offer extra features such as sturdy construction for longer durability. They also have fairly better SEER ratings, which means most of them are more energy-efficient than Ruud ACs.

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Ruud vs Trane

Trane is another name that comes up in the air conditioner space. Their models are similar but have one big difference. 


Both brands offer some high-end air conditioners whose SEER ratings go up to 20. 


Trane air conditioners are more costly compared to Ruud ACs since Trane offers better features and higher SEER ratings for the same range of ACs.

Ruud vs Carrier 

You can't talk air conditioners without mentioning Carrier. Both companies strive to be the best in the industry. Here are some comparisons. 


Both brands have air conditioners with noise management technology. They also have both single and two-stage air conditioners.


Carrier ACs generally have higher SEER ratings, unlike Ruud ACs that have for a long time been on the lower end in SEER ratings. This means that Carrier ACs are more energy-efficient than the Ruud counterparts. Carrier also has a wider range of products majorly targeting industrial buildings while Ruud focuses on residential homes.

Ruud Air Conditioner Troubleshooting 

No matter which product you buy, you will occasionally run into an issue or two. Here are some tips when that happens. If you have an issue that is too complex, call out the professionals. 

Ruud Air Conditioner Not Cooling

If you check and find that your AC is not cooling you should clean the air filter and the compressors. You can also first restart the AC and check to see if the ice has melted away.

You can do these tasks alone without the need for help from an HVAC technician. However, if the problem persists after performing these corrections, be sure to call in an HVAC technician. 

Ruud Air Conditioner Fan Not Working

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If the fan stops working, check the base shaft for any malfunctions or distractions limiting movement. If the two blades that are positioned differently can’t move properly, consider making a replacement. You should also check the motor shaft to ensure the bearing is still functional and can turn to initiate fan movement. If it is too worn out, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

How To Clean a Ruud AC Unit

Proper maintenance will keep your unit running better for longer. Here is how to clean your Ruud AC.

  1. Disconnect Your AC

To start cleaning your AC, you first need to disconnect it from the power source to avoid the risk of electric shock.

  1. Disassemble the Product

Disassemble the AC by unscrewing the major parts and placing them aside in a dry place.

  1. Clean the AC

To clean the dirt collected on the sides of the AC, take a hosepipe and fix it to a water source and gently spray all the sides of the unit until all the dirt comes off. The spray should be continuous starting from the outside to the inside making sure it is clean.

  1. Reassemble

Once the Ac is dry, you can reassemble it. Extra care should be taken not to damage any of the parts when reassembling. Fix all the parts as they were without omitting any unit.

  1. Power on Your AC

Once you are done reassembling, plug it in and put the power on. If it powers on, the AC is safe to use once again.


While Ruud air conditioners have for a long time been on the lower end with lower SEER ratings of 13 and 14, new models are now coming up with ratings between 15 and 17. This means that you can still enjoy the proper air conditioning at lower costs for the purchase price, installation, and operation. Ruud air conditioners are among the best options for use in residential homes and small offices when you are on a budget.

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People Also Ask

In this section, we will briefly consider some of the most common questions people ask about Ruud air conditioners. If you have a burning question that hasn’t been featured on our list, feel free to send it over to us.

How Much Does a Ruud Air Conditioner Cost?

The price range of Ruud air conditioners is $1000-$1925 depending on the product. The cost of installation depends on the technician you hire for the process. You are advised to consult different technicians to come up with the best price based on prevailing market forces.

How Long is the Ruud AC Warranty?

Ruud ACs come with a 10-year limited warranty that cannot be extended further once the duration is up. The registration for the warranty should be made within 60 days after the purchase. 

Is Ruud a Good Air Conditioner?

Ruud air conditioners are a good option for use in homes given their compact design. Ruud models with higher SEER ratings of 14 and above are better since they are more energy-efficient and translate into lower expenditure on power bills.

While the ones with SEER ratings of 13 are on the lower end and consume more electrical energy, they are still a good choice where users only have to run the AC system intermittently. On the whole, Ruud ACs come fairly cheaper and are thus a good option for users on limited budgets.