Best Window Air Conditioners With Heat – 2021 Report

An excellent way to ensure indoor comfort throughout the year is to install a window air conditioner with heat. With cooling and supplemental heating, you won’t have to worry about getting separate units.

This guide reviews some of the best window AC units with heat to ease your buying decisions.

Comparison of the Best Window Air Conditioners With Heat

  • Cools up to 8000 Btu maximum cooling capacity
  • Very easy to install in window frame
  • Easily cools down up to 350 square meter floor space
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  • Very energy-efficient to safe on electric bills
  • Comes with 2 cooling and 2 heating speeds
  • Very easy to operate with easy selection options
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  • Best for the Money
  • Will save more than 35 percent on energy usage
  • WiFi Enabled for quick and easy connectivity
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  • Best Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner With Heat
  • Strong construction for improved durability
  • Easy slide out installation option
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  • Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner With Heat
  • Very easy to install in window frame
  • Easily cools down up to 550 square meter floor space
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  • Best Small Window Air Conditioner With Heat
  • Up to 3 fan speeds included for better cooling management
  • Very easy to use remote control for easy adjusting
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What Size Window AC Unit Do I Need? 

Window air conditioners come in different sizes, and choosing the right one for your living space is crucial.  A unit that is too small won’t adequately cool your room, and it will overwork the machine.

On the other hand, a unit that’s too large for your space will cycle on and off too often. This can consume too much energy, leave the room damp, and quickly weaken the compressor.

Choosing the most suitable window AC size starts by figuring out your room’s square footage and then selecting a unit with the most appropriate cooling and heating power (or BTU rating).

How to Choose a Window AC Unit With Heat 

If you intend to buy a window air conditioner with heat, you may as well choose one that will give you the most value for your money. Apart from great cooling and heating, look out for some of these extra that can ease maintenance and improve the overall user experience.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat feature allows you to set a precise temperature, and when your room achieves that level, the AC detects this and prevents further cooling or heating. You don’t have to monitor and manually adjust the temperature. This feature saves energy and money.

Frigidaire FFRH1822R2

Adjustable Fan Speed

This feature allows the unit to circulate air when further cooling or heating is not needed. You can select how quickly the air moves by choosing from different speeds.

Remote Control

Many AC models come with remote controls, but not all functions are available in some. A full-function remote control offers the most convenience.

If a full-function option is not your priority, consider choosing one with at least a temperature adjustment function and an operating mode selection.

Programmable Timer

A programmable timer helps you to set the unit to automatically turn on or off at certain times that match your schedule.

Review of the Best Window Air Conditioners With Heat 

Instead of spending money on separate units for cooling and heating, you can invest in a dual-purpose AC that will keep you comfortable all year round. Here are our picks for the best window air conditioners with heating capability.

Best Overall:
Frigidaire FFRH0822R1

FRIGIDAIRE FFRH1822R2 18500 BTU 230V Median Slide-Out Chassis Air Conditioner with 16,000 BTU Supplemental Heat Capability


  • Easy-to-clean washable air filter
  • Suitable for windows measuring between 26 and 36 inches
  • Excellent cooling/heating performance, better than most competitors
  • Operates quietly both during cooling and heating, ideal for bedrooms
  • 8000 BTU cooling power with supplemental 3500 BTU heating capacity, and 7000 BTU heat pump


  • Ineffective energy saver mode
  • Heavier than most similar models

What Recent Buyers Report

Many recent customers are happy with the performance of this window air conditioner and heater. Lots of users like that the unit doesn’t make loud sounds during cooling and heating, making it an excellent choice for the bedroom. However, some buyers report that the energy saver mode performs below expectations.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our best overall product is Frigidaire’s brilliant machine suitable for rooms of up to 350 square feet. Apart from cooling and heating, the device is effective for removing moisture from indoor air, which is very useful for hot and humid days.

You can direct airflow in eight different ways, schedule up to 24-hours on/off timer, and enjoy three cooling speeds with one heat speed.

There’s no guesswork when it comes time for cleaning the air filter, thanks to the check-filter indicator.

The machine comes with a stylish, long-range, full-function remote control that lets you adjust settings from across the room.

Bottom Line

Should you buy the Frigidaire FFRH0822R1? Here’s the deal; if you can get over the not-so-impressive energy saver mode, this window air conditioner with a heat pump is worth checking out. It is particularly suitable for people living in four-season areas.


LG 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Supplemental Heat, Cools 550 Sq.Ft. (22' x 25' Room Size), Electronic Controls with Remote, 2 Cooling, Heating & Fan Speeds, Slide In-Out Chassis, 230/208V


  • Multiple cooling and heating fan speeds
  • High energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 11.3
  • Four-way air direction to properly circulate cool or hot air
  • 11200 BTU heating capacity for rooms up to 450 square feet
  • 12000 BTU cooling capacity, excellent for rooms up to 550 square feet


  • Louder than other models
  • Doesn’t work with standard 115v outlets

What Recent Buyers Report  

Buyers generally like LG’s heating/cooling 12K BTU window air conditioner. Many customers say the unit performs as expected, putting out great heat and cool air all year round.

However, some users complain of the thermostat being off by some degrees. Others also mentioned rattling noises or loud humming during operations.

Why it Stands Out to Us

LG loaded this window AC with quite a several outstanding features. Besides its remarkable heating and cooling powers, the air conditioner can extract up to 3.3 pints of moisture per hour.

It is fitted with two fan speeds, two heating speeds, and two cooling speeds, giving you the flexibility to choose your preferred temperature.

You can set and adjust temperature settings from the included remote control. The automatic restart function means your last settings are not lost in the event of power loss to the unit. Plus, you can choose when the air conditioner turns on/off with the 24-hour timer.

Bottom Line  

We recommend this powerful LG product if you’re looking for as much cooling as heating. But if quiet operation ranks high on your list of priorities, you might want to choose another window air conditioner with the heat on this list.

Best for the Money:
Frigidaire FFRH1122UE

FRIGIDAIRE FFRH1822R2 18500 BTU 230V Median Slide-Out Chassis Air Conditioner with 16,000 BTU Supplemental Heat Capability


  • 3.4 pints dehumidification every hour
  • Quiet operation at 53.2 dBA (on low)
  • Electric controls for precise temperature setting
  • Low voltage start-up saves plenty of energy and money
  • 11000 BTU cooling, 3500 BTU supplemental heat, and 9900 BTU heat pump best for approximately 500 square feet


  • Heavier than other models
  • Might cycle off and on often

What Recent Buyers Report 

Users particularly liked that it works quietly at approximately 53 dBA on low settings. It can get up to 60 dBA when it runs on full blast, but that’s not enough to disturb consumer’s favorite TV shows. The unit works great, according to buyers, although installation is a 2-person job.

Why it Stands Out to Us

From Frigidaire comes this 11,000 BTU heat/cool window-mounted AC. Although it has three fan speeds for both cooling and heating like others, its dehumidification per hour beats most models.

The unit will fit nicely into standard windows without major modification to the existing frame. Its swing louver ensures that air gets to you no matter your location in the room.

You don’t have to detach the front panel to access the washable filter. It comes off easily for hassle-free cleaning.

An intuitive remote control is included for ease of operation. You can even set the 24-hour timer from the small device.

Bottom Line

The lineup of features in Frigidaire’s 11K BTU heat/cool window air conditioner, including the top-of-the-line built-in dehumidifier, gives you your money’s worth. However, allergy sufferers may want to choose another model, as this one doesn’t have a clean air ionizer.

Best Frigidaire Window Air Conditioner With Heat:
Frigidaire FFRH1822R2

FRIGIDAIRE FFRH1822R2 18500 BTU 230V Median Slide-Out Chassis Air Conditioner with 16,000 BTU Supplemental Heat Capability


  • Sleep and energy saver modes
  • Quiet operation (54 dBA on low)
  • Extra-long power cord offers flexible connection to outlets
  • Three heat speeds, three cooling speeds, and three fan speeds
  • 18500 BTU cooling power with 16000 BTU supplemental heat capability for spaces up to 1,050 square feet


  • Significantly heavier unit
  • Will not work with standard 115v outlets

What Recent Buyers Report  

Customer reviews tend to be more positive for this product. It quickly cools and heats spaces, according to happy users. Buyers appreciate the impressive warranty.

However, the unit is very heavy. Apart from the heft, some users complain that the scanty instruction manual doesn’t help with the installation process.

Why it Stands Out to Us

From Frigidaire comes this power 18500 BTU cooling machine with 16K BTU supplemental heating. That’s powerful enough for large spaces up to 1,050 square feet.

Besides keeping your room warm and cool, it also removes a whopping 5.5 pints of excess moisture every hour.

The FFRH1822R2 is one of the best window ACs in terms of customizable functions. It features a programmable 24-hour on/off timer, adjustable fan speeds, and remote control that lets you adjust all the functions without leaving your seat.

Accessing and cleaning the washable filter is pretty straightforward, and the unit allows fresh air into your room.

Bottom Line

If you have a large space to keep comfortable regardless of the weather, and if you have deep pockets, you might want to put your money on Frigidaire’s multi-functional window AC. The product ranks high in the 18.5K BTU category.

Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner With Heat:
PerfectAire 3PACH12000

PerfectAire 3PACH12000 12,000/11,600 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Electric Heater, 450-550 Sq. Ft. Coverage


  • Full-function remote control with thermostat technology
  • Easy air filter cleaning with front-mounted, tilt-out access
  • Fast cooling and heating power for relatively large spaces
  • Three speeds for cooling and fan-only modes, plus one speed for heat mode
  • Multi-operational modes, including sleep, auto, dry, and energy saver modes


  • Heavy window unit
  • Not suitable for standard 115v outlets

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers tend to be happy with their purchase, as the product meets their expectations, especially for cooling large spaces. Some customers say the unit doesn’t heat as much as it cools, but that is expected, considering its lower heating BTU rating. Users say installation is fairly easy despite the heft.

Why it Stands Out to Us

PerfectAire offers powerful 12K BTU cooling power for spaces up to 550 square feet and an electric heater capable of warming rooms sizable rooms, too.

One of the highlights of this window AC is its thermostatic remote control with the Follow Me technology that regulates the temperature around the device. The unit automatically monitors and adjusts the room temperature based on the remote’s location.

You get a unit with three fan speeds with this machine, both in fan-only and cool modes. It also comes with a 24-hour on/off timer to conserve energy and an auto-restart function in case of a power outage.

Bottom Line

If you don’t mind moderate humming sounds, the PerfectAire 3PACH12000 might be what you need to regulate a fairly large room all year round. It comes at a reasonable price, too. But keep in mind that the unit is not effective for warming up spaces larger than 300 square feet.

Best Small Window Air Conditioner With Heat:


  • High energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 11.0
  • Electronic digital thermostat to maintain comfort
  • Excellent cooling and heating for spaces up to 350 square feet
  • Round-the-clock programmable on/off timer provides cooling/heating when needed
  • Remote control to conveniently adjust the temperature, fan speed, and modes from across the room


  • Customer support issues
  • Doesn’t heat as much as it cools

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers recommend this AC for its excellent cooling and heating. Recent users rave about the comparatively affordable price, especially with all the lineup of uncomplicated features. Installation is painless, and operating the unit is pretty straightforward, according to happy users. Others say there’s a drop in their energy bills.

Why it Stands Out to Us

GE’s 8000 BTU window AC with heat is a remarkable small unit with almost everything you need to keep your medium-sized space comfortable throughout the year.

The four-way adjustable louver ensures cool or warm air evenly circulates the room, while the unit’s built-in dehumidifier removes excess moisture of up to 1.3 pints per hour.

We like that the model comes with a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant, making it safer for the environment.

Unlike many other models with multiple cooling speeds but only one heat speed, the AEE08AT offers three heating speed selections in addition to three speeds in both cooling and fan-only modes.

Bottom Line

If our best overall product doesn’t cut the deal for you, perhaps this one will serve your purpose. They are both 8000 BTU window air conditioners, but GE’s option offers a slightly higher heating capability and has a significantly higher energy efficiency ratio. Plus, it is a more affordable product.

Best LG Window Air Conditioner With Heat:

LG 7,500 BTU Window Air Conditioner with Supplemental Heat, Cools 320 Sq.Ft. (16' x 20' Room Size), Electronic Controls with Remote, 2 Cooling, Heating & Fan Speeds, Slide In-Out Chassis, 115V


  • Washable air filter with slide-out access
  • Higher energy efficiency ratio (EER) of 11.2
  • Four-way airflow directs air where you need it
  • Removes excess moisture from indoor air at 2.1 pints per hour
  • Cools and warms with a low noise level of 52 dBA on full blast


  • Heavier than similar-size window units
  • Inadequate heating medium-size rooms

What Recent Buyers Report

Many happy buyers purchased this model more than once because of its amazing cooling performance, quiet operation, and excellent price. However, some users are not very satisfied with the heating capability.

Overall, many buyers agree that the unit is worth the investment, especially for keeping small spaces comfortable all year.

Why it Stands Out to Us

LG’s compact window-mount unit with seasonal heating and cooling offers maximum usability with an intuitive LED control panel. It has a full-featured remote control that lets you adjust temperature and select the fan speed without moving an inch from your couch or bed.

Although it is a small unit, it comes with several convenient features, including auto-restart functionality, 24-hour on/off timer, and multiple fan speed adjustments.

A filter check LED light notifies you when the filter needs cleaning. You don’t have to unscrew or detach the grill to access the component. Simply slide it out and wash it under a running faucet.

Bottom Line  

The LG LW8016HR model is an excellent window air conditioner for cooling medium size rooms up to 350 square feet.

However, keep in mind that the heating capability is rated for small rooms of approximately 100 to 150 square feet.

Pros and Cons of Window Air Conditioner With Heat 


Let’s find out the positives it has to offer. 

Minimizes Fire Hazards

Portable space heaters are among the leading cause of fires in homes. These heating systems come with high risks and usually require strict monitoring, especially when they are running. On the flip side, air-cons with heat have very minimal risks and don’t need constant supervision.

Low-Cost Cooling and Heating

While price points vary widely, you can buy a cooling and heating window unit for nearly the same upfront cost as a regular window air conditioner in many cases. It is also cheaper in terms of monthly energy consumption.

Besides, the cost of installing a ductless unit or central AC is far greater than window air conditioners with heat.

Suitable For Small Rooms

Window ACs with heat is best for providing adequate cooling and heating for smaller spaces than central cooling systems. Of course, the latter is more powerful, but some rooms might not be as cold or warm as the rest of the building.


However, it comes with some drawbacks, including:

Limited Coverage Area

Window air conditioners with heat are not your best bet for heating or cooling multiple rooms, even if you buy a unit with a very high BTU rating. Walls and doors can easily block airflow across living spaces.

How to Clean Window AC Units

Routine cleaning ensures that your air conditioner continues to function optimally. The cleaning process is not difficult, and you can do that in some ways.

Here is a simple method to keep your unit in tiptop shape without taking it out from the wall. Make sure to provide adequate ventilation during cleaning. Always refer to your unit’s user manual for specific safety precautions.

First, fill a spray bottle with warm water and add a few drops of detergent. Grab a brush and a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, and follow these steps.

1. Turn off the AC and disconnect it from the wall.

2. Remove the grill and the air filter.

3. Slightly tap the filter to remove heavy dust.

4. Spray the grill and air filter with soap water and lightly scrub with a brush before rinsing. Set them aside to dry.

5. Spray the unit with soap water, paying particular attention to the fins and coils. Gently scrub down the entire unit.

6. Wipe down with a paper towel or small cloth.

7. Go outside and thoroughly clean the back of the unit.

8. Allow the air conditioner and all components to completely dry before reassembling.


Traditional air conditioners will help you beat the heat during hot months, but buying a unit that can provide comfort in all weather is a better investment. Remember the essential features when choosing window units with heat, and only order one with the correct BTU rating for your living space.

People Also Ask

Window air conditioners are some of the most popular types of ACs. But with more people buying these units for the first time, it is normal to have a few questions about them.

This section offers succinct answers to common questions many buyers have concerning window air conditioners.

Do Window AC Units Pull Air From Outside?

Window air-cons do not pull in air from outside. The unit is engineered to draw in room air through a filter that removes dust and impurities and then pass it over a cooling coil that drops the temperature. However, some window AC units suck in outside air through an opening.

How Does a Window Air Conditioner Work?

Typically, a window air conditioner draws in the room’s warm air and runs it over the internal evaporator coil or refrigerant. The process cools down the air by absorbing the heat. The cool air flows into the room while the heat is channeled out through the back of the unit.

How Long Do Window AC Units Last?

On average, a window air conditioner can last for approximately 10 to 25 years. However, the actual lifespan depends on how well it is cared for and other factors such as the workload on the AC and where it is located (install it away from direct sunlight for long-lasting performance).

What Are the Units of Heat?

Heat is one of the many forms of energy that changes the temperature of substances. In the case of air conditioners with heating capabilities, it alters the cold air in our living spaces. Heat can be represented using some units, including joules (J), calorie (kcal), and British Thermal Unit (BTU).

How to Hide a Window AC Unit

There are dozens of ways to cleverly hide a window AC unit so that it doesn’t ruin your interior décor. A few simple ways include covering it up with a curtain, mounting a beautiful shelf around the air-con and placing potted plants on it, or adding a stylish vent cover.