Best 12000 BTU Air Conditioners – 2021 Picks

Compared to a central air system, which is very costly, many people prefer installing singular air conditioners in rooms that require cooling. One of the best options out there is 12000 BTU ACs. These are small, relatively cheap, and can cool a small to medium-sized room easily. 

Many of the modern units allow for great diversity and hence come with multiple operating modes. This not only allows you to have more control over your surroundings but the greater efficiency also lets you save on utility bills.

In this review, we have included some of the top models from some of the best brands that you can install in your homes or offices. Moreover, we have listed everything you must know to avoid making a bad choice. Have a look!

Comparison of the Best 12000 BTU Air Conditioners

  • Up to 12 000 Btu maximum cooling capacity
  • Operates at a low noise level of around 59 dB
  • Preset schedules possible with a built-in timer
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  • Portable design for easy relocation to any location
  • Will cool down floor area of up to 450 square feet
  • Can be used for a fan only, humidifier, and air conditioner
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  • Best for the Money
  • WiFi build in for quick and easy connectivity
  • Comes with wide vents for better air discharging
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  • Best 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
  • Activated carbon filters for much cleaner airflow
  • Easy thermostat controls with digital display
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  • Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner
  • Easily connect it with an app on your smartphone
  • Strong brackets included for robust installation
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How Do I Choose a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner? 

After coming home after a long and tiring day, the last thing you want is for your AC to take a lot of time to cool the room. You want not only efficiency, but you also want to enjoy other perks like diversity, portability, and durability. Here are all the most important features you need to look out for before choosing your product.

AC Type

A lot of people prefer investing in a window or wall AC units. This is because these are much more durable and can cool a bigger sized room. However, there are also portable options available that allow for greater ease of usage. These portable options need to be compact and lightweight. Ideally, they should also come with a sleek body to ensure ease of transportation.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

After you have bought a model that suits your BTU needs, you must pick one that provides you with the right level of energy efficiency ratio. A model that offers a high EER is likely to limit your energy consumption and hence help you reduce utility bills. Moreover, good EER goes hand in hand with eco-friendly features. So make sure you check this out before purchasing a unit.

Noise Levels

Nobody wants to get a higher level of efficiency at the cost of their comfort. This is why you need to avoid units that produce a lot of noise levels. The louder the machine, the more you are likely to feel exhausted during your sleep. Thus, it’s better to invest in a model with low decibel attenuation. 


This is a feature that not many people look for; however, you will appreciate having a range of controls at your disposal in the longer run. The weather, much like anything else, doesn't remain constant, and there may be times that you would want to decrease the fan speed or reduce the humidity level. This is why you should always opt for models that come with a range of operating modes.

Review of the Best 12000 BTU Air Conditioners

Of all the air conditioners on the market, some left an impact. These were extremely durable and offered good portability. Moreover, none of them produced too much noise and were hence ideal for your home and office. Here are some options that we liked the best:

Best Overall:
Frigidaire FFRE123WAE

Frigidaire FFRE123WAE Window Air Conditioner, 12000 BTU


  • Energy-star certified that saves energy and cost
  • Noise level is around 57 dB, which is extremely low
  • Has a built-in timer that allows for greater customization
  • Features three different fan speeds that let you enjoy more flexibility
  • Comes with a washable filter that captures any dust or small particles


  • Installation is hard

What Recent Buyers Report

This is undoubtedly one of the best models, according to recent buyers. They have praised its ability to be more flexible in its cooling and operating systems. The ready-select electronic system has easily allowed buyers to choose the level of settings. Moreover, they love temperature-readout displays that help set the temperature quickly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There is no other product that we would rather place on top. This Frigidaire unit is certainly considered the best in the market because it offers some of the best features at a relatively lower cost. It also allows for a very low noise level that helps create an ideal temperature inside your home without any disturbance. Moreover, there are three different fan speeds that you can use and enjoy greater flexibility. There is also a built-in timer that allows you to further optimize performance.  

Besides, there are ready-select electronic controls that allow you to shift the settings from low to medium in an instant. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this one is simple; invest in it if you want the best of all the features in the market and if you don’t mind paying a couple of extra bucks for installation. The noise level is exceptionally low, and you will hardly hear it, even when it is operating at high levels. Moreover, you will get to enjoy a range of fan speeds for greater flexibility.

SereneLife SLPAC12.5

SereneLife SLPAC12.5 SLPAC 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner with Built-in Dehumidifier Function,Fan Mode, Remote Control, Complete Window Mount Exhaust Kit, 12,000 BTU, White


  • Can cool any room of 450 to 500 square feet easily
  • A lightweight and handy model with a very sleek body
  • Comes with three operating modes for versatility in use
  • Remote control offers greater sensitivity and offers a range of settings
  • Package contains air conditioner, quick setup guide, remote control, and window mount kit


  • Batteries are not included

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers didn’t have to think twice before buying this model because one look at this convinced them of its high portability. They praised the low noise production associated with the design. You get a portable air conditioner along with remote control, a quick setup guide, and a window mount kit when you make the purchase. Moreover, buyers love that it hardly takes any time to install this unit. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This 12000 BTU air conditioner is known in the market for a couple of reasons. For starters, it is very handy and portable. The lightweight and compact design come with a sleek body that makes it suitable to be installed in a bedroom, living room, or even in a small office. It also comes with rolling wheels that further enhance portability. 

Furthermore, the built-in dehumidifier is one of the best ones in the market that can regulate the humidity levels in your home and reduce the mildew, dust mites, and allergens in the surrounding. Moreover, different dehumidifier modes allow you to select the desired level accordingly. 

Bottom Line

With three operating modes, you are going to enjoy great diversity and versatility. The unit can cool a room of up to 450 square feet and hence can be used in small to medium-sized rooms and offices. There is also a built-in dehumidifier that keeps the temperature inside the room to an optimum level. So if you want to invest in one of the best models in the market, here is one for you.

Best for the Money:
Friedrich CCF12A10A

Friedrich Chill Premier 12,000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner with Built-in WiFi


  • Easier to install and set up
  • Allows for voice command device compatibility
  • Wide air discharge vents allow for optimum performance
  • Has a built-in Wi-Fi that allows for smarter app compatibility
  • Counterweight dampens vibrations and hence decreases sound


  • Not very eco-friendly

What Recent Buyers Report

Affordability and convenience come together to make this model a fan favorite. Buyers love the simplistic and lightweight design that allows for excellent portability. They have also praised the sleek and stylish body that increases the ambiance of the room. On top of that, there are wide air discharge vents that help prevent the accumulation of dust and debris in your home. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Of all the things that this model is known for, perhaps the best feature is the ease of usage. The design, although simplistic, allows you to enjoy great durability and efficiency. It comes with high Wi-Fi compatibility, which makes it easier to control the settings from a distance. Moreover, there is an additional smart home and voice command device compatibility that further enhances its appeal.

Another excellent feature is that it comes with extra-wide air discharge vents. These allow the unit to not only discharge any built-up exhaust fumes but also work at an optimum level throughout the day.

Bottom Line

This model is more affordable than many others in the market, but that is not the only reason why you should invest in it. If you choose this, you will get to enjoy the perks of a large air discharge system that keeps the AC working at optimum temperatures. Moreover, if you are looking to save costs on installation and set-up, then there aren't many models as good as this one.

Best 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner:
Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

Whynter 12,000 (7,000 BTU SACC) Elite Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier, Fan and Storage Bag, up to 400 sq ft, Grey


  • Comes with a dual hose system
  • Allows for full thermostatic control for greater efficiency
  • Allows for three different operational modes for diversity
  • Patented auto drain function can fully eliminate all exhaust fumes
  • Installation set contains a window kit, an intake hose, and an extendable exhaust


  • Slightly higher noise production

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers state that there aren’t many other portable air conditioners that top this one. They are absolutely in love with the dual hose system that comes in handy in very hot weather. It not only allows for optimum performance but also ensures that dust and debris do not accumulate and restrict the cooling process. On top of that, buyers have reviewed the design of the model very highly.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Excellent performance and attractive design come together in the making of this extraordinary, one-of-a-kind model. The air conditioner has a durable frame and can serve you for a long time. It also comes with a 24-hour programmable timer that lets you have more control over the settings. There is also a suitable drain system that can automatically exhaust all the built-up condensation and ensure your unit works at an optimum level. 

As for efficient performance, the unit offers three different and unique modes. The air conditioner mode allows you to cool all medium-sized rooms; there is also a fan and a dehumidifier mode that lets you create the ideal surroundings.

Bottom Line

Diversity and flexibility are two reasons why many people choose to invest in this model. The first is ensured by the three operational modes that allow for numerous adjustments. The second is ensured by the presence of a very powerful thermostatic controller that allows for greater efficiency. On top of that, there is a dual hose system that keeps the inside of your home safe from dust and debris particles.

Best 12000 BTU Window Air Conditioner:
Midea MAW12V1QWT

Midea 12,000 BTU U-Shaped Smart Inverter Air Conditioner–Cools up to 550 Sq. Ft., Ultra Quiet with Open Window Flexibility, Works with Alexa/Google Assistant, 35% Energy Savings, Remote Control


  • Allows for an easy and robust installation
  • Compatible with google assistant and Alexa
  • Saves up to 35% energy and hence saves cost
  • Simplistic design makes it easy to use the model
  • U-shaped design allows fresh air circulation inside the home


  • Relatively heavier than some other models

What Recent Buyers Report

Almost all buyers mentioned how happy they were with the cost-efficient mechanism of this model. They loved the fact that it saved up to 35% of their energy and hence led to reduced utility costs. Moreover, they were happy to invest in an eco-friendly model that did not produce too much exhaust fumes and added to the destruction of the planet. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Some of the most prominent reasons why this model stands out to include smart TV control and quiet operation. It features high compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. Moreover, it is Wi-Fi enabled and hence can be controlled via an app from anywhere. Quiet operation is ensured by a U-shaped design that limits noise production. Moreover, it produces only 42dB, which further limits noise production. 

We also like that the model allowed for higher energy efficiency. The design is super robust and hence allows you to save on both energy and cost by a whopping 35%. All this has led the model to obtain the Energy Star Most Efficient 2020 certification.  

Bottom Line

Whenever we mention the best air conditioners with this BTU, this model comes to mind. It is a U-shaped unit that comes with large vents and an excellent air circulation system that brings fresh air inside. Moreover, the large and durable vents keep all the dust and debris particles outside, thus ensuring greater safety. On top of that, the model is fully compatible with smart apps like Google Assistant and Alexa.

LG 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review:

LG LP1217GSR 115V Portable Air Conditioner with Remote Control in Graphite Gray for Rooms up to 300-Sq. Ft. (Renewed)


  • Comes with a very durable air discharge vent
  • Allow for a three-in-one operation for diversity
  • Very easy to use because of a simple LED display
  • Comes with a robust and very sensitive LCD remote control
  • Has an eco-friendly design that limits the number of exhaust fumes produced


  • Takes longer to cool a medium-sized room

What Recent Buyers Report

LG took the world by storm when it introduced this excellent 12000 BTU air conditioner. Recent buyers were thrilled to get their hands on this efficient model that allowed for easy installation and greater ease of usage. They also loved that it had very simple controls that were easy to manage and allowed them to easily adjust the settings.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a lot of models that are preferred because of their efficiency, but this one is popular because it allows for excellent portability. It has been professionally inspected and tested multiple times to ensure reliability. Moreover, it comes with excellent batteries that allow for longevity. Moreover, the model only weighs around 67 pounds and hence is easier to carry from one place to another. 

Another benefit is that the model comes with an LCD remote control that allows for greater sensitivity. It can also cool a room of up to 400 square feet easily. On top of that, the unit allows for a three-in-one operation, thus ensuring diversity.

Bottom Line

Efficiency is often the biggest feature that separates a good model from an ordinary one. This model is popular because it is not only very durable but also allows for simple and easy-to-use controls. You won't need to follow any complex guidelines to get started. Moreover, the compact size allows for easy and quick installation, thus saving both time and energy.

Hisense 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review:
Hisense AP1319HR1G

No products found.


  • Allows for four modes of operation
  • Sleek and compact body allows for easy portability
  • Has heating modes that allow you to use the model in all seasons
  • Provides excellent dehumidification that prevents the accumulation of dirt


  • Suitable for only 400 square feet or less

What Recent Buyers Report

If there is one thing that buyers love, it is the exterior body of the unit. They like how it looks, and that is also why they decided to invest in it. Another feature that stands out to them is that this is very easy to set up, unlike all other air conditioners. There are no complex manuals that need to be read to set it up.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Our list would be incomplete without this model. This is a 12,500 BTU unit that stands out in the crowd because of its excellent portability and superior design. The best thing about it is that it has an attractive and sleek body that will undoubtedly increase the ambiance of your home. It is not only very stylish but also very durable.

Moreover, it has a four-in-one operating system. The four modes you can choose from are cooling, dehumidification, fan, and heating. All this not only enhances your comfort but also lets you have more control over your settings. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you should invest in the design if you are looking to get efficiency without having to spend too much money. Unlike other air conditioners, you will also be able to enjoy a heating mode that works well in winters. All this adds to the unit's appeal and makes it stand out.

Frigidaire 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review:
Frigidaire FGPC1244T1

Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner, Rooms upto 550-Sq. Ft


  • Noise levels are as low as 53 dB
  • Dehumidification level is 3 pints per hour
  • Can easily cool a room that is 550 square feet or larger
  • Has a 360-degree airflow system that equally distributes cooling
  • Allows for an energy saver, a sleep mode, and an auto-cool function for flexibility


  • Filters are not very durable

What Recent Buyers Report

Many people who were thinking of enjoying the highest level of comfort in their homes decided to invest in this Frigidaire model. Once they laid their hands on it, they were convinced that they made a perfect choice. This model not only allowed for greater noise reduction but also allowed for dehumidifying three pints per hour, a feature that most buyers liked.

Why it Stands Out to Us

When it comes to air conditioners, this one is mostly known for its high portability, but that is not the only reason it stands out. This Frigidaire unit comes with a smart app that allows for easy mobile operation. Not just that, but it also offers high Wi-Fi compatibility so that you can make any adjustments you want from the comfort of your home. Moreover, the noise level is only 53 dB. 

We love this model because it allows for a 360-degree airflow circulation that enhances the overall environment of your room. The continuous spiral design ensures that the air circulates and reaches every corner of the room.

Bottom Line

If you have a room or an office that measures 550 square feet and requires instant cooling, then you should consider this model. It is not only very efficient but also comes with a low noise level production. Moreover, with this, you invest in an eco-friendly design that also allows for greater flexibility.

Are All 12000 BTU Air Conditioners The Same?

Contrary to popular belief, not all air conditioners having the same BTUs are the same. There are many kinds of air conditioners that you can buy that will all give you the same power and the same BTU. 

For instance, a mini-split is placed in a room with its condenser unit placed outside and offers a much more localized control.

There are also window ACs that offers an all-in-one design. The unit sits on your window, and the condenser is situated at the back of the unit. There is a fan to push air over the coils of the evaporator and thus help circulate cool air inside the room. There are also condensation drains on the backside of the unit that helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris inside.  

Then there are wall ACs. These, as the name suggests, are very similar to window units, but you will have to cut a hole in your wall so you can install them. Naturally, this will require you to invest a lot of money in installation. However, such units often come with a high warranty and are very durable.

The common thing between all these types is that they can cool a room between 400 and 550 square feet. In other words, if your room measures 25 feet long and 20 feet wide, it can be cooled with a 12000 BTU AC. 

Frigidaire FFRE123WAE

How Big of a Room Will a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner Cool?

An AC having a BTU of 12000 means that it can easily cool a room of 400 to 550 square feet. This means that any room of around 25 feet long and 20 feet wide can be cooled with this unit. BTU means British thermal unit and is a form of measurement for energy. The higher the BTU, the more will be the unit’s ability to cover a large area. 

However, this is not to say that you can’t place a smaller unit such as this one in a slightly larger room. If you choose to do so, you will soon realize that it takes a lot of time for the room to cool. And even when that happens, the room won’t be able to sustain that temperature. As a result, some sections, mostly the ones near the unit, will remain cool, and the others will remain warm. Overall, this will add to the discomfort of everyone sitting in the room.

This is why it is recommended that you buy an appropriately sized unit for your room.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner

Despite many of its advantages, these models also come with some disadvantages. We've included both aspects to help you decide if you really should invest in a 12000 BTU AC.


Let us look at the pros of getting a 12000 BTU air conditioner first.

Ease of Installation

Since most of these units come in a compact and sleek body, they aren’t very heavy. Their lightweight body allows you to install them with ease. In some instances, you may not even need to hire a professional, and you can simply follow the instructions given in the manual. This not only allows you to save money but also help you learn more about the design and functioning of your unit.

Ease of Usage

A good AC unit that comes with 12000 BTU is likely to be easy to use and operate. Most of the units mentioned in this article come with a remote control that allows you to adjust temperature and speeds from a distance. Moreover, some models come with a programmable timer that allows you to save money and enjoy the optimum temperature inside your home or office.

Ease of Maintenance

When it comes to air conditioners, you must take care of the unit. This is because dust and debris, and other particles can accumulate inside the vents over time and clog it. This will not only decrease the efficiency of the unit but may also increase the noise levels. 12000 BTU air conditioners usually come with washable and durable filters that are easy to clean. 


Despite all the benefits, 12000 BTU air conditioners come with their fair share of drawbacks. These include:

Small Area Coverage

The biggest issue with owning this type of unit is that it only cools up to 550 square feet. This means that it is not very suitable for cooling large rooms, lounges, or drawing rooms.

Take Longer to Cool

Since these units come with a smaller BTU level, they take relatively longer to cool a room. This is because it will take the unit longer to decrease the temperature of the room by one degree. 

How Do They Compare?

12000 BTU ACs are not the only option available in the market when it comes to cooling equipment. There are others, too, that might suit your needs in a better way. We have compared some of the popular options for you so you can make an informed decision.

12000 vs 14000 BTU Air Conditioner

There is a popular debate among people who prefer lower BTU units and those who prefer higher BTU units. An air conditioner with 14000 BTU is more powerful and will be able to cool a larger room in relatively less time. It will also have the ability to decrease your room temperature quickly compared to a unit with a lower BTU level. Additionally, it will be able to cover a larger area. 

However, if your air conditioner is bigger than what your room needs, the cooling produced will just cycle off and end up getting wasted. Moreover, such a unit will not adequately dehumidify the place. Thus, the major benefit of a unit with 12000 BTUs is that it allows for good energy efficiency and reduces the cost of running the unit. 

12000 BTU Air Conditioner vs Central Air

Many people opted for central air conditioners when they came out, but they realized that investing in one is very costly. Maintaining the appliance and installing it are two of the most difficult things and require a lot of time and money. Plus, you are better off with more compact options.

This is why a unit with 12000 BTUs is likely to work for you. Such units are not only compact and portable but also can cool a room of 450 to 550 square feet easily. So if you are looking to save money and still enjoy the perks of a comfortable environment, this is the better option. 

Air Conditioner 10000 BTU vs 12000 BTU

12000 BTU is not very high; however, some people prefer to go even low. The obvious advantages of investing in a 10000 BTU unit are that it is cheaper and takes less money and effort to maintain and set it up. Such a unit is also more eco-friendly and does not produce a lot of waste gas exhaust fumes. Moreover, such units are also smaller, so you get to enjoy higher portability.

On the other hand, the downside of such a unit is that it provides low area coverage. You will not be able to cool a medium-sized room of 400 sq ft or more with it. And even if you use it for such a room, you will realize that it takes a lot of time. 

Conversely, a major downside of investing in a 12000 BTU unit is that it produces relatively more noise than a unit with 10000 BTUs.

Frigidaire FFRE123WAE


A home does not feel like much if it doesn't give you comfort and convenience. In summers, the thing that can annoy you most and make you unproductive is the absence of an air conditioner. However, contrary to what everyone says, you don't need to invest a lot of money in a central air conditioner to enjoy a cool environment.

You can also opt for 12000 BTU air conditioners that are both compact and lightweight. They aren’t only very affordable, but some of them are also easily portable. This means that you can use them for both your office and home. But before you make any rash decisions, make sure you go through the pros and cons of each unit and invest in one that suits your criteria. 

People Also Ask

People are very conscious about their choices these days. This is especially true in the case of ACs because they are quite a hefty investment. People are hence bound to have a lot of questions. In this section, we have decided to answer some of the most common ones. 

How Many Amps Does a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner Use?

12000 BTU air conditioners are of two kinds. If you use the single-phase unit, it will use approximately 15 amperes at 240 volts. However, if you are using a double phase unit, then it will use 30 amperes at 120 volts.

How Much Electricity Does a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner Use?

Any air conditioner that comes with a BTU ranging from 8000 to 12,000 needs to be plugged into a dedicated outlet. Such a unit will draw about ten amperes of current. Moreover, models with good EER tend to use relatively less electricity than the ones with a higher EER rating.

How Many Watts Does a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner Use?

When it comes to the power consumption of a 12000 BTU air conditioner, you will be surprised to know that it's not much. A normal unit will consume around 991 to around 1333 watts. The actual electricity consumption depends on the EER setting. On average, a unit with 12000 BTU will come with an EER of 11.3 and will use around 1,061 watts.

How Many Square Feet Will a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner Cool?

An air conditioner with 12000 BTUs is not very large and will hence not be suitable for a large room. On average, it can only cool a room between 450 and 550 square feet. This roughly translates to a room measuring 25 feet in length and 20 feet in width.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner?

This will generally depend on the cost of electricity in your area. However, a unit with 12000 BTU will generally cost you $0.16 per hour to run. This amount is subjected to change, depending on the cost of electricity during each season. 

How Much is a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner?

Considering large air conditioners come with up to 60000 BTU levels, it is sufficient to say that they aren't very large. The most common units are rather compact and come in a sleek body. There are many variations to the model, and you can have both portable and fixed designs. On average, these units measure around 18 x 13 x 12 inches and cost around $250 to $450.

How Many Tons is a 12000 BTU Air Conditioner?

One ton equals 12,000 BTUs, and, on average, a small or medium-sized home will require around three tons or 36,000 BTUs to cool it. The term ‘ton’ is not commonly used with things like air conditioners, refrigeration systems, or even heat pumps. This is why most people prefer using BTU.

What Does BTU Mean For Air Conditioners?

BTU is one of the most commonly used acronyms when it comes to air conditioners. It means British thermal unit and is a form of measurement that measures the amount of energy. One BTU is the exact amount of energy required to increase the temperature by one pound by just 1°F