Life of the Hvac Technician

With the proper Hvac Training you can lead a lucrative career that will open you up with job opportunities just about anywhere you go, as there is always a demand for heating, cooling and refrigeration to be repaired. Not to mention ventilation systems such as exhaust fans and whole home fans.

I’ve been an Hvac service technician for almost 10 years now so I wanted to share with you some of the things and situations that you might encounter while out in the field as a service technician. Unlike office 9-5 jobs, service technicians are more than likely going to see something different everyday, and also meet new people every day. Run Capacitor HVAC Shorted out by snake

I also have those days where I am doing air conditioning repairs and maintenance and find surprises inside of units, as this one to the left a snake had gotten into the service area of the condensing unit and wrapped itself around the run capacitor, which fried the snake and at the same time shorted out the run capacitor. Not something that I wanted to see on a Monday morning on my first call, not to mention that I was hungover from the previous Sunday.

Working in Florida it’s actually quite common to find snakes hanging out around, inside and under condensing units, one of the reasons that I always wear pants to work instead of shorts. I have also found black and brown widows hiding out inside of condensing unit service panels, as well as families of roaches. For this reason I always take caution when opening up service panels on condensing units as you never know what might be on the other side of that panel.

Kane Toad by Condensing UnitHere’s another thing that scared the crap out of me while I was doing preventative maintenance around a bunch of condensing units that were surrounded by leaves, and under all of leaves were more than 10 poisonous Cane Toads. Which I can deal with better than snakes as they will hop away from you, and as long as you don’t lick them you should be in good shape.

The Hvac Technician is one that is going to have a new challenge every day. If you are new to the field there are going to be days that you work 12 hours or more. On-call rotation is usually mandatory at most companies and for many known as a hell week because you are working 12+ days for the entire week, especially during peaks seasons, but once that over time pay check and maybe that commission check comes in, you know that all those hard long hours were worth it.


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  1. Wow the life of a HVAC technician in Florida is completely different from one in the UK. Did you really come across a bloack widow spider? The scariest spider I ever came across was only a daddy long legs! Maybe we could set up a job swap. I wouldn’t mind a couple of weeks in sunny Florida in exchange for a couple of rainiy weeks in England

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