HVAC Tools

  If you plan on being an hvac technician and servicing air conditioning units for a living then you will need the proper hvac tools to do so. Before you want to get any of these tools you will have to become HVAC certified, otherwise known as EPA 608 certified, well not all of the … Read more

HVAC – The Refrigeration Cycle

In today’s lesson on HVAC training I will be covering the refrigeration cycle and the 4 main components that make the cycle work. But before I get into this hvac training I want to go over the three ways that heat can be transferred, and yes there are only 3 ways that heat can be … Read more

Furnace Filters

Furnace filters are made to gather and collect dust from the air. Other things that they can catch are mold spores, and some can even catch cigarette smoke. Since the quality of air can be up to 5 times worse inside your home compared to the air that is outside, it is extremely important that … Read more

Central Air Conditioning Units

Today’s Hvac training I will be going over some of the basics about central air conditioning units. These days it is very common for all new homes to come with central air conditioning, compared to the past where most all air conditioners were the portable kind. The best thing about central air conditioning units in … Read more

Air Conditioner Troubleshooting – Common Hvac Problems

Like many of the hvac training topics that are covered here in this blog, this one will be dedicated to central air conditioning. I will make more posts on hvac training that are referring to cars and window units but for this particular post I will go over the most basic and most common hvac … Read more