Best Ventless Air Conditioners – 2021 Guide

Hot and humid seasons call for comfort, which is sometimes only attainable by technological means in this era. Especially for indoor spaces such as work or living places, almost everyone wants to invest in an air conditioner

Even though multiple air conditioners exist, this article focuses on ventless air conditioners that are great for people who do not like bulky electronic items or drilling holes in the wall to put up something. 

Below you can find information relevant to the features, usage, and overall benefits that a ventless air conditioner has to offer in comparison to a normal air conditioner. 

Comparison of the Best Ventless Air Conditioners

  • Comes equipped with heavy-duty casters for easy mobility
  • Easily cools down a large 500 square feet room
  • Very easy to operate with simple selection knobs
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  • Up to 14000 Btu maximum cooling capacity
  • Activated carbon filtering system for cleaner air
  • Dual hose operation for quicker cooling option
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  • Best for the Money
  • Clean evaporation cooling method for safe and clean air
  • Very reliable parts used in construction
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  • Best Portable Ventless Air Conditioner
  • A lightweight and compact design to save space
  • Can be used to cool down the area even outdoors
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  • Best Small Ventless Air Conditioner
  • Cools, Humidify, and clean the air
  • Will operate up to 9 hours with large water tank included
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What is a Ventless Air Conditioner?  

A ventless air conditioner can be a great addition to your space, making it cool down so you can work, study, or sleep in it without getting interrupted by the hot and humid weather. Introduced as a compact air cooling system, it comes with an exhaust hose that can be carried from place to place with ease. Such units don’t require permanent installation and can be installed in space by the user themselves without outside intervention. 

What Are Other Names For a Ventless Air Conditioner? 

It goes by other names, such as an evaporative air conditioner or swamp cooler in the market, so don’t get worried if you don’t stumble upon a ventless air conditioner by name in your specific region. 

Hessaire MC18M

How Do Ventless Portable Air Conditioners Work? 

This type of air conditioner works in a unique manner by letting the hot air from the room escape towards the water-soaked cooling pads. Here, the water disperses into the air, taking away the heat from the air molecules, thus reducing the overall temperature of the air. The resultant cooled air is then distributed evenly throughout your space with the help of the fan.

A ventless portable air conditioner makes use of refrigerant-based systems in order to use the cooler outside air for achieving the desired indoor temperature along with a tank of water. This water tank is usually installed underneath the air conditioner. For even cooler air, people often put ice in the water tank. This natural process of cooling the air eradicates the need for a hose. 

What Should I Look For When Buying a Ventless Air Conditioner? 

A good ventless air conditioner is the one that has more to offer at a good value for money and can last a decade. To help you choose a high-quality unit for yourself, we have listed down a number of aspects that must be thoroughly analyzed before the purchasing decision is made; 

Cooling Capacity

The conditioner you pick must have the ability to cater to the size of the room you choose it for. Some high-end ones can cover up to 650 sq ft while smaller ones can cool air for up to 320 sq ft. Most brands mention the information regarding the maximum space they can cover along with the CFM rating in their description.


Having a multitude of useful features, such as a programmable timer, digital display, auto-restart function, and remote control, can really help determine how easily the user can interact with the ventless air conditioner.  


Ventless ACs are fundamentally designed to be relatively portable, but their weight can still be a major concern during installation, especially if you have to transfer it to another space using a staircase. You need at least two people to carry it, and if you buy one which has a bigger height than needed, it might pose problems such as not fitting in your car or passing doorways conveniently. Therefore, don’t go for a large size unless you really need it.  

Water Tank

Any ventless air conditioner needs water to function inside its tank. Make sure that the model you go for has a reasonably-sized tank, if possible, more than seven gallons, to prevent yourself from going through the hassle of refilling it on a regular basis. 

Noise Level

This can be determined through the dBA rating, which is mentioned in the description of the model you go for. For indoor spaces, this is an important aspect to consider.

Usually, such units are very quiet, but the nature of some spaces calls for the cancellation of all sounds, such as an audio room, in which case, you can opt for a model that has a rating of 50 dBA or below.

Evapolar evaCHILL

Review of the Best Ventless Portable Air Conditioners

Having gone through the usage and aspects that need to be considered before purchasing a ventless ACs, we can now move on to see what you have available in the market- and the best ones at that.

Below you can find a complete overview of our top picks;

Best Overall:
Hessaire MC18M

Portable Swamp Coolers - 1300 CFM MC18M Evaporative Air Cooler with 2-Speed Fan, 53.4 dB - 500 sq. ft. Coverage Evaporative Air Cooler Portable High Velocity Outdoor Cooling Fan by Hessaire - White


  • High-performing cooling system
  • Includes wheels for easy portability
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability
  • Very efficient for spaces up to 950 square feet
  • Angled oscillating mechanism inside ensures even flow of air into your space


  • Can be a bit loud while functioning for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

Hessaire has a very user-friendly approach towards the design, which makes this ventless air conditioner super easy to use, which is also one of the aspects most liked by users. They also like the fact that it can be used to cool a larger space while being energy efficient

Why it Stands Out to Us

Usually, Hessaire models are designed for large outdoor spaces, but this one is super compact, having a utilitarian aesthetic while being super-efficient when it comes to running costs. Having an airflow rating of 1,300 cubic feet per minute (CFM), it has the capability to cool an area of about 500 square feet, which is sufficient for cooling multiple rooms. 

It utilizes only 82 watts of power, so, for example, regular use for three months straight would add a negligible amount to your overall bill. 

It also has a 4.8-gallon water tank. The user also gets the ease of linking the unit to a garden hose so that it can function continuously, without the water tank needing to be refilled. Its controls include a fan and pump speeds that can be adjusted manually. It lacks an LED display or an automatic timer but is still worth the purchase due to its inexpensive purchasing and running costs. 

Bottom Line

Energy-efficient options often come with a big price tag but in this case, prepared to be surprised. This model is budget-friendly, which means you get to benefit from the high airflow and the ability to use it to cool large spaces, but without spending too much on it. 

COMFYHOME 2-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler

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  • Can be used to cool a larger space or many rooms together 
  • Water tank can be filled easily through the kitchen or bathroom tap
  • Compact size and handle situated at the back makes it easy to transport
  • Comes with a remote, which makes cooler settings convenient for the user
  • Auto shut-off system rings an alarm once it is out of the water to remind the user to fill it back up again 


  • Design could have been better if the blades were included

What Recent Buyers Report 

For users who just want ample cooling in their space without going through much hassle, investing in this has been a great experience. They also like the 32-inch tall, aesthetic bladeless cooler along with the heat reduction. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Included in its package is a remote control with easy-to-touch controls, allowing the user to adjust the speed from amongst three options. It offers 15 hours of runtime with a 40° oscillation. By offering a humidifier and a fan, both in one unit, it has given users the flexibility they need for different weather conditions. A unique thing about it is the bladeless design that prevents any potential incidents if you have pets or kids, so you can be at ease when it is functioning.  

Having a large capacity of one gallon, the water tank delivers cool airflow along with water vapors to turn your space relaxing and cozy. Since it has a chemical-free cooling method, it is an eco-friendly product, so you stay worry-free while using it. It also makes a great addition to any space. 

Bottom Line

Not only does this unit have a powerful fan that is super quick to cool any space, but it also acts as a humidifier, which is great for people who live in dry regions. Its bladeless design that makes use of the Air Amplifier technology is also something we have yet to see in any other model in the market.

Best for the Money:
Luma Comfort EC110S

Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler with 250 Square Foot Cooling, 500 CFM


  • Does not require a hose to be vented 
  • In-built humidifier makes it great for dry regions
  • Detachable water tank which is easy to refill and maintain
  • Super lightweight at 16 pounds only, which makes it easy to move around
  • Comes with a remote so that the user can operate the AC and switch between the two cooling options and three fan speeds with ease


  • Not suitable for already humid areas since the humidifier cannot be turned off 

What Recent Buyers Report 

Many users have reacted positively to its value for money as it consumes 75% less energy than standard ACs. They also like how it is super quiet when functioning and that it can easily bring the heat down by 30°F, which is quite impressive at this price point. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Perhaps what stands out the most in this unit is its cyclonic cooling technology. It is great for cooling spaces that lie within 250 square feet. The three cooling speeds and different types of wind modes allow it to pass on a seamless, noise-free experience with a runtime of eight hours.

It has various temperature settings so that the user has control over how chilly they want their space to be. There is also an in-built timer that allows you to shut it down on time in order to save energy.

Bottom Line

Overall, the efficiency of this unit is excellent. Its evaporative cooling process lingers inside the space, making the user feel comfortable, even when it has been switched off for a couple of minutes. If you want to freshen up your indoor air and make your space seem lively, you really could use this.

Best Portable Ventless Air Conditioner:
Honeywell 525CFM

Honeywell 525 CFM 3-Speed Outdoor Rated Portable Evaporative Cooler (Swamp Cooler) for 491 Sq. Ft. with GFCI Cord


  • Resistant to different weather conditions
  • Compact size allows for increased portability 
  • Works efficiently in both indoor and outdoor spaces 
  • User can customize features such as body-level air throw and humidity
  • Outdoor-rated, which makes it suitable for any open-air activity such as barbequing 


  • Only suitable for small to medium-sized places

What Recent Buyers Report 

People who live in compact spaces and do not like raising their electricity bills too much have had a very positive experience with this Honeywell ventless air conditioner. They also like the fact that it generates just a negligible amount of noise while functioning, which means they do not feel interrupted in their personal space. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Covering about 320 square feet, this ventless air conditioner by Honeywell makes use of only 52 watts and comes with three fan speed options for the user to choose from. It helps save power if you choose the lowest speed. 

It has a longer run-time than most portable ventless air conditioners, thanks to its 7.9-gallon fuel tank. Also included is an alarm system to remind you for a refill. The swamp cooler comes with a remote control that makes it easy to operate. It weighs 25 pounds and has wheels as well for added portability.

Bottom Line

Even though the unit size allows it to cover only a small area, it performs as a high-end AC would. Moreover, the flexibility to program the unit by using the timer really makes this the most viable option for home use, especially while sleeping.

Best Small Ventless Air Conditioner:
Evapolar evaCHILL

Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Air Conditioners / Mini AC Unit / Small Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier Fan for Bedroom, Office, Car, Camping / EV-500 / Opaque White


  • Product is overall environmentally-friendly
  • Body is designed to be lightweight and thereby portable
  • Quiet enough to put in a child’s room to help with sleep
  • Offers four different fan speeds for the user to choose from


  • Only cools the air directly around the device

What Recent Buyers Report 

The Evapolar evaCHILL EV-500 has worked best for users as a personal evaporative air cooler. It is so compact that users could even place it on their study table or side table while sleeping and alter the speeds from the four different fan speed options available to them. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

As an all-in-one device, this is your best shot. It is super convenient to use and can be connected even through a USB-C cord, which means you can make it work by linking it to even your laptop or any small regular power supply unit. Apart from offering conditioning and humidifying, it also works to purify the air to make sure it is free from allergens. 

The overall design, which has rounded corners, makes it look contemporary, and it fits well in any space. The leak-proof water reservoir is made in frosted material so you can see how much water is left and when you need to refill it. It comes in translucent, white, or gray colors.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this one makes for the best option if you need a ventless air conditioner for your personal use. It’s great to use in close proximity to yourself as the humidifier would work near the face, reinforcing the moisture barrier on the skin.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying 

Before you go on to make your final purchasing decision, there is a way you can make sure that you are getting the right product. Cross-check the features of your product of interest with these below; 


All units have different time periods for which they can function smoothly. Some can operate for only a minimum of three hours, after which they have to pause. Even though this situation may be tolerable for living spaces inside a house, it is not ideal for work and public indoor spaces. For bigger spaces that require constant conditioning, choose an AC with eight hours of run-time. 

Reminder Alerts

Nobody wants to wake up mid-sleep to switch off their ventless air cooler because it became too chilly in the room or because they are scared of the skyrocketing bills. This dreadful situation can be avoided if you opt for an AC that has a timer option. Upon reaching the time period, it will power off on its own, which is a smart way to reduce energy consumption. 

Another important reminder is for the water tank. Go for an AC that would send an alert for refills so that running the unit empty does not pose issues for it later down the lane.  

COMFYHOME 2-in-1 Evaporative Air Cooler


One thing that you must never compromise on is performance. This aspect cannot be sidetracked or compromised because of a lower price deal or more added features. Make sure what you are buying is from a recognized brand and includes customization options such as fan speeds, etc.

Ease of Use

No one ever had to move mountains to use a ventless air conditioner. It is not technical at all, requiring only basic knowledge to read off from the manual and follow it.

Go for one with a remote control so that you can configure the settings of the AC, even when you are in bed and not near the unit. 

Vented vs Ventless AC - Comparison Overview 

When looking into a ventless air conditioner, some people may not be able to tell the difference between them and a vented air conditioner right off the bat. To help you gain clarity over the matter, we have compared the two in terms of their features below:


For dry climates, ventless air conditioners are more suitable as they put moisture back into the air in order to cool it further. The constant supply of fresh air ensures the prevention of overly-saturating the air in your room. 

Spatial Conditions 

Ventless air conditioners are suitable for cooling down specific spaces such as a room. On the other hand, vented air conditioners are often installed as an extensive HVAC system for the purpose of central air conditioning in larger spaces. 

Financial Conditions

Since ventless air conditioners are portable, designed for smaller spaces, and don’t need a hose for ventilation, their overall energy efficiency is higher than that of vented air conditioners. This low energy consumption and competitive price lends them an upper hand and makes them more eco-friendly. 


When it comes to vented air conditioners, they need to be installed with a window or some other opening. This exposure to the outside natural elements calls for waterproofing. However, ventless air-conditioners do not have any such additional needs that have to be catered to.

Evapolar evaCHILL


Being more lightweight in nature and having handles or caster wheels makes ventless air conditioners easier to carry and move around from one place to another. You can use them in one room for a day, then in another room the next. This mobility lacks in vented air conditioners that are made for staying alongside a single exterior facing wall.


Vented air conditioners are known to produce distracting noises that can be irritating to sleep, work, or study with. On the other hand, ventless air conditioners are quieter in nature, producing a maximum of 55 dB, that too, on high settings.

Ease of Access

Since ventless air conditioners do not need permanent installation, they are also the easiest to install. You do not need to be a professional to mount such a device in your room, and you can do it with some basic tools and minimal knowledge in less than an hour. The two most important steps are identifying a suitable spot and plugging in the power cord.

How to Use a Ventless Air Conditioner 

Setting up a ventless air conditioner in your desired space is an extremely easy process as its larger body comes pre-assembled, and you only have to make a few connections for it to start working. Follow the steps given below to ensure a proper setup.

1. Upon unboxing, you will find the additional accessories along with the owner’s manual. Carefully take the wheels out and lay them down close to the hose connector and then slide the fan out with caution.  

2. Take off the packing by removing the plastic cover and make sure it is in good shape. Then lay it down on a flat surface to put the included wheels on. Their metal rod part will be inserted in the hole. 

3. Once the wheels are on, you will notice the drain at the back. Place it on its wheels back up. It’s best to place it atop a counter or tabletop. Inside, there will be a manual water fill. Pop it down and fill it with water using a hose or bucket. You can also include ice in it for added coolness. 

4. On the outer display, you can see the water level, which will tell you if you need to put in more water or when it is running out. Hook up the water hose if available and use a brass adapter for it. To prevent a leak, check that the washers are in the hose before attaching it to the fan. Turn it on and fill it slowly. 

5. The backside has the ‘filter’ or, as known in the instruction guide, the media, which will be slightly colored. When the fan is turned on, the water will start cascading down the media and will turn a darker color, which is normal. 

At the front, the manual louvers are present. Users can change the direction of the louvers as per their needs. Also present is a fan speed adjuster. Do not run the fan without water in it. Running it dry might pose issues with it in the future. For any troubleshooting issues, you can refer to the owner’s manual. 


Now that you have made yourself known to this wonderful comfort equipment for your living or workspace, you can finally look forward to heat-free days during summertime. Just make sure to take your time while choosing a model that best fits your individual needs. Hopefully, our carefully researched guide comes of use whilst you make your purchasing decision.  

People Also Ask

Even though we have covered everything about a ventless air conditioner in-depth, there are a few things you should know if you are going to invest in a good unit. This is why we have answered some frequently asked questions below, so you can review your purchasing decision if need be and land yourself a ventless AC that really works the best for you.  

What Does Super Mean on Ventless AC?

It is possible that you have a ventless air conditioner that offers an adjustment option called ‘Super.’ This simply means that once you choose this, your unit will perform at its best while reducing energy consumption. This way, you don’t have to run through manual settings to get the best out of it. 

Are Evaporative Coolers and Ventless Air Conditioners the Same Thing?

Ventless air conditioners come under evaporative coolers. They can be moved from one space to another with minimum effort and use very little electricity in comparison to regular vented air conditioners. They also don’t need any chemicals in order to cool the air, which makes them super eco-friendly in nature. 

How Much Can a Ventless AC Cool?

A ventless AC can easily reduce the indoor temperature by 20°F at most. The determining factor for this is the heat transfer capacity of the AC, which depends on the model itself, but usually, it is sufficient to lower the temperature by 20°F and can be set to go even lower. 

Luma Comfort EC110S

Does a Ventless AC Use Water to Cool?

Yes, a ventless AC uses water as the main cooling component and provides a humidifying effect if you live somewhere with a dry climate. In fact, the water tank is the main component of a ventless air conditioner, and without water in it, it should not be turned on. 

Where Does the Heat Go on a Ventless Air Conditioner?

Even though ventless air conditioners do not require a hose, they still need an outlet that would let the heat of the compressor out. This is why they are or should be placed near windows, doors, or other openings so that the heat can disperse outside rather than inside the room. Proper ventilation ensures the prevention of overheating and also maintains the temperature of your space.

How Much is the Cost of Running a Ventless AC?

The running cost of a ventless AC for a medium-sized room of about 36 square meters would be $0.36-$0.70 per hour. For more spacious areas of about 50 square meters, the cost rises to $0.95 per hour. You can set it on the smart setting for low energy consumption if you find the running costs exceeding your regular budget. 

Is There a Ventless Portable Air Conditioner?

Yes, you can find ventless portable air conditioners if you search for evaporative air coolers. These are usually designed for drier climates and do not have a hose that needs to be connected with it, thus making it easier to carry around. It disperses cool air in your space through water evaporation, thus adding humidity back to the air.