Hvac Technician Training

by Dave on September 17, 2012

So you are interested in becoming a certified Hvac technician. Job security wise, you have it, no matter where you go Hvac services are needed. The proper Hvac training needed to get a steady job can take anywhere from 2-5 years. The higher paid technicians usually have 2 years of school along with 3 or more years of apprenticeship training.

Hvac systems are used just about everywhere these days. From heating and cooling for residential homes to commercial buildings, airports, and much more. Air conditioning systems are also used for big electrical rooms that put out a lot of heat and need to be in a conditioned space for them to operate properly. They are also used for ventilation such as exhaust fans which are needed in building that have diesel generators.

The four different properties a technician lives by are Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration should they pursue a career in that also. Hvac service techs can be responsible for the following:

Troubleshooting compressors, fan and blower motors, low voltage controls, refrigerant leaks, reversing valves, electric heaters, boilers, gas furnaces, dampers, air flow problems, metering devices, capacitors and contactors, relays, solenoid valves, control boards, transformers, along with many other possible component failures.

They are also responsible for monitoring the heating and cooling efficiency that the Hvac system is designed for. For instance a 4-ton cooling capacity is not going to put out 4-tons of cooling unless the duct work is properly sized, the refrigerant lines are sized right, and the refrigerant charge is spot on.

HVAC Certifications

The one that you will need the most is the EPA 608 Universal. This will allow you to handle most all types of refrigerants used in Hvac systems. This certification is pretty much necessary for anyone to even consider giving you a job. You should not even be hooking up a pair of gauges if you don’t have this certification.

Another certification that you may want to pursue when you are done with you schooling and apprenticeship training is NATE. NATE is designed for further education of technicians that have at least a couple years of experience in the field, and is recognized by many companies and having this looks great on your resume.

HVAC Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeship programs allow the student to work alongside experienced Hvac technicians for a period ranging anywhere from 1-3 years. The best part about apprenticeship training is that you get paid to learn. Although the pay may not be the greatest and only a fraction of what an experienced tech makes, you are learning on the job.  Most apprenticeship programs require you to have schooling and your EPA card though.

Everyday HVAC Training

After you complete your Hvac school and apprenticeship training, you will be out in the field on your own with confidence. But always remember there is not an Hvac technician out there that knows it all. There is always more to learn, especially with all of these new 16 SEER+ communicating air conditioning and heating systems they are putting out.

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