Radiant Floor Heat

Here is a hot subject that I have been learning more and more about and becoming a huge fan of, and that is radiant floor heat. See I have been going over many types of Hvac Training here but I feel that I have neglected the heating aspect of it, so I want to try and cover as much as I can. If you live where it is cold most of the time, or even just some of the time, then you may want to look into getting radiant floor heating installed under your floors. It is really amazing on how many people are switching to this type of home heating and there are some very good reasons for their decisions.

For one radiant floor heat is more Earth friendly than most other forms of heating, and you know what that means. You will be using a lot less energy than you would if you were using a blower furnace, whether or not if it is electric or gas. If there is one thing in the household that takes up more energy than any other appliance in the home it is a heater, more than dishwashers, water heaters, air conditioning systems, ranges, etc. This is not the case though when it comes to radiant floor heat. Let’s talk a little bit about how this works so you can get idea of how it is going to keep your home warm on those very cold winter months.

A professional hvac technician will have to install a heating cable under the floor (it is also possible to diy), some of the cables are insulated why some come in the form of mats and are usually sold by the square foot, depending on what type of system it is that you have in your home. When these cables heat up, the heat will begin to rise from the ground up, the first things that are going to get heated up are beds, chairs, and the walls around you. The heat will continue to spread heating up the entire home very quickly. Think of it like this, when your cold feet step onto the floor the heat from under the floor will be transferred to you feet quickly and then spread throughout the body keeping you warm.

Now there are some disadvantages though to having radient floor heat, and this is the initial set up cost, the installation. This is the problem with many people going to make the plunge, and some may be hesitant to put the money up forward. But what you have to understand though over the course of  a couple years or more, depending on where you live, it will save you tons on your energy bill. Also, radiant floor heating works better on wooden and tile floors than it does than carpeted floors. So that is something else that you should look into before you make the choice to change your homes entire heating system.