HVAC Training Virginia

Those looking to get into the HVAC field in Virginia should undergo a school or training institute to get a grasp on the inner workings of today’s HVAC systems. Learning how the refrigeration cycle works will enable you to identify and troubleshoot a variety of problems that occur in refrigeration systems. HVAC training in Virginia will help you be on your way to a lucrative career in the HVAC field, preparing you for the EPA 608 exam so that you can get certified, will definitely help you get an entry level position as an HVAC technician trainee, installer helper, maintenance technician, or many other job opportunities.

Advanced Technology Institute

– Located in Virginia Beach, VA, ATI’s Hvac training courses get you hands on experience needed to understand troubleshooting. Their workshops have everything from 12 ton units to window air conditioners. They will prepare you for the NATE exam, and get your ready to pass the EPA 608 test. They are accredited, and they have a good reputation in training HVAC technicians. Their HVAC Technology with Service Management ranges approx. 112 weeks until completion. Their Air Conditioning and Heating diploma course takes approx. 82 weeks for completion.


The average annual salary for an HVAC technician in Virginia is $43,000 as of December 2012. Upon completion of school don’t expect to be pulling in that kind of money. Salaries of HVAC technicians vary upon many factors, such as the company you are working for, work ethic, ability to troubleshoot different types of HVAC systems as well as the ability to work independently or supervise other workers. For residential technicians you will be mainly working on heat pumps with electric emergency heat in the state of Virginia.

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