HVAC Training Schools in Texas

In the state of Texas it’s pretty much hot year round, and that makes it incredibly hard for people to live without air conditioning. Most of the time as a HVAC service technician in Texas you will be troubleshooting and repairing air conditioners. Don’t think that it doesn’t get cold though, gas furnaces and heat pumps will also be tested when temperatures drop below freezing.

Below are some of the best hvac training schools that you will find in the state of Texas. They emphasize on preparing students for entry-level positions in the hvac field upon graduation.


Everest Institute

Campus located in Arlington, Texas. Students will get hands-on training in Air distribution, fuel heating, and air conditioning systems. As well as Basic electricity, electrical, and basic refrigeration theory. Programs vary by campus please check your local Everest Institute for more information on these hvac training programs.

Remington College

Looking for Hvac schools in Dallas Texas? The Remington College Campus is located in Dallas, Texas. They state that their program will help you prepare for the EPA Universal test, which is achieved by passing the Epa type 1, type 2 and type 3 tests. They have a 10,500 square foot training facility with equipment and simulators. Some of these may include compressor fault simulators, heat pumps, a/c water cooled, wiring trainers, cooling tower demonstrators and more.

Vista College

Campus located in the state of Texas at El Paso, College Station, Beaumont, Killeen, Longview and Lubbock. I couldn’t find the exact length of the course on their website but it does state that the hvac training program can be completed in less than a year.


Campus location is in Houston, Texas. Fortis offers Hvac training programs in many other states in the US as well.


As stated above temperatures can get really high in Texas, like over 90 or even 100 degrees 100 days out of the year. There is always going to be a demand for getting air conditioning in both residential and commercial buildings. With the right amount of experience and training under your belt, and with the right company, you can expect to be working 40 hours or more year round.

The average salary for HVAC technicians in Texas is in the $39,000 range. Although you have to keep in mind this strongly depends on what type of company you work for, self-employed, and what type of experience and profession you possess.



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