HVAC Training Schools in Maryland

HVAC jobs are one of the most reliable forms of work out there. With hundreds of air conditioning and heating companies per state, becoming a certified technician in Maryland will ensure that you have opportunities to work. Even in the toughest of times, in a rough economy, the supply and demand for HVAC technicians is always going to be around.

Residential homes, commercial businesses, supermarkets, large and small buildings, apartment complex’s, all have the need for HVAC technicians. So if you are living in Maryland and searching for HVAC training in your area, below is a list of accredited schools that offer Degrees or special certificates.


Lincoln College of Technology

Campus located in Columbia, Maryland. Just like all Lincoln HVAC training programs, the one in Maryland is no different than the others. They provide you with hands-on training that you will need in the field, as text books can only get you so far when it comes to troubleshooting temperature related equipment.


TESST College of Technology

Get you HVAC/R certificate in Baltimore, MD, at the TESST College of Technology. They will prepare you for the EPA test, which just about every employer out there wants you to have before you can work for them. They offer classrooms with hands-on training, which is essential for any entry-level HVAC technician to have that experience when seeking employment.

HVAC/R training certification is a must for anyone who is seeking a job as an HVAC technician, installer, sheet metal worker, or system engineer. No matter what type of career you are pursuing in the HVAC industry, it always helps out if you have a couple of years under your belt out in the field. The average time it takes to make a competent HVAC technician would be 2 years of schooling as well as 2-3 years working alongside a professional in some type of apprenticeship program.

Another great school in the Baltimore, MD, area that offers HVAC/R courses is the North American Trade Schools. As of December 2012, the average salary for HVAC technicians in Maryland is $43,000, which is above average for the United States.

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