HVAC Training Schools in New York

For those considering a career in HVAC in the state of New York here are a list of schools that will propel you into an entry-level career as an HVAC technician. By going through school you will be putting yourself ahead of others that never took part in HVAC training.

Ridley Lowell Business and Technical Institute

Campus located in Poughkeepsie, New York. In this HVAC training program you can expect small classes and lots of hands on training and experience.  They cover everything from heating and cooling service and installation to the mechanical side of the field. The course is approximately 1 year in length and they offer job assistance at an entry-level position upon completion of the program.


By getting the proper HVAC training in the state that you are planning to work in can have many advantages, as you will not only learn about the technical side of heating and air conditioning, but also some of the best state laws and practices that you will encounter in the field.

An HVAC service technician working in the state of New York will be working on many types of systems, from gas burners to split heat pump central air conditioners. The average salary for an HVAC technician working in New York is in the $50,000 a year*, refrigeration and commercial technicians can expect much more than that.

Keep in mind that is not entry-level pay – technicians may have to work as an apprentice for 2-5 years before they can expect any kind of pay in that range, although you must also take into consideration that some will progress faster than others.


* Salary is approximate – information gathered from https://www.bls.gov/

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