HVAC-R Training

For the past couple years in the United States jobs have been extremely hard to secure. All of the more reason for our younger generation to pick a career they may be interested in and start early, one of these lucrative careers would be to train to become a refrigeration technician. The best way to learn the trade of Hvac-R, in my opinion would be to go to an accredited school. If you can pull some strings, or have someone that already knows the trade take you under their wing, that would be great also as nothing beats on the job training. You will need to know the fundamentals though.


Why Become a Refrigeration Technician?

Almost every restaurant out there has a need for refrigeration. Whether it be walk-in coolers, reach in’s, salad bars, or even ice machines, they all have a need for technicians to fix their equipment when it fails. Not only that, any store that has food for sale that requires to be cold, also has a need for refrigeration equipment, such as WalMarts, Publix, 7-11, etc.

With that being said, Hvac technicians that are knowledgeable in their field, can pretty much always ensure that there is a well paying job out there that they can turn too. Should a layoff at a Hvac company occur, a highly trained Hvac-R technician could easily have a job the next day.

Just browse through the job classifies section in the newspaper, or even any job search site that is on the internet, you will always see that there is a need for Hvac/R technicians out there.

By having the refrigeration experience on top of regular HVAC training, it is a major plus, as in my opinion, is generally a more diverse field that offers just as much work as residential heating and air conditioning.  Should you have the skillset of both fields of expertise it makes your resume look a lot better, and is usually much better paying than standard Hvac technicians.

Finding the Best HVACR Training

There are many colleges and small organizations that offer Hvac/R training. Look for one that offers training that lets you get your hands on equipment, as that is the best way for someone to learn a new trade that is just getting into the Hvac-R field.

Another thing you should look for is NATE training that offers you a light residential, or commercial refrigeration certificate. Being NATE certified in refrigeration will definitely help you get a job as a refrigeration technician. Though mostly all companies hire refrigeration technicians based on experience, the more certifications you have can only help you.

You are also going to want to take a course that offers you an EPA license. For refrigeration you are going to need the Universal License, which is the Core, along with Type 1 through 3, due to the different types of refrigerant you will be handling when you are out in the field.