Hvac Installation

When it comes to getting an Hvac system installed, I am not the best at estimating prices. All that I know is from the experience that I have gone through when installing an hvac system on my own. Being that I am from the sunny state of Florida, I have not had that much hvac training in installing many types of heating systems such as baseboard heating, radiant floor heating, but I have installed central heating systems, the ones that are tied in with the central air conditioning units.

So from my experience in hvac training I would estimate that it would cost you about 100 bucks an hour labor to get a central air conditioning unit installed professionally, this is just a rough estimate though too of course. And you would also have to consider if they are going to be running all new wiring and copper lines through the hvac system, the ones that connect the condensing unit and the evaporator coil/air handler together.

Hvac installation would also factor on what type of central air conditioning system you are getting, because these days central air conditioning units are rated by Seer, and the Seer will go from 13 to 25, when you get up to the 18 seer range, the systems use different kind of refrigerant than the lower Seer units, and all of the older units.

If you are planning on getting your central air conditioning and heating unit replaced, it is best to get the air handler and the condensing unit replaced at the same time as they both have Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings. For instance if you had a Goodman condensing unit that had a Seer rating of 13, it would throw everything off if your air handler had a seer rating of 10. Also, another important factor to consider is to make sure that they are the same capacity, meaning by tons.

For example, if I had a 1050 square foot house in Florida, I would more than likely want a 13 seer air handler and condensing unit, both rated at 2 ton capacity, this way one of the units are not working harder to try and keep up with each other, they are working at even loads, raising the cooling and heating efficiency while also lowering your electric bill.

One more thing on todays lesson on hvac training, central air conditioning and heating units are not sold anything lower than 13 seer, but there are many window air conditioning units that are out there that are rated much lower than 13 seer, so think about that when you are trying to cut down the cost of your electric bill. The higher the SEER is the less energy is going to be used, which is good for both the planet and also good for your pockets, this concludes our hvac training for today.