HVAC Checklist to Prevent Callbacks

You can’t completely prevent callbacks in the HVAC field. You can reduce callbacks though. One way to do this is to have a checklist. Here’s a list that I used to have to input into my laptop when I was in the field. This is just a sample.

Sample HVAC checklist to be performed during preventative maintenance

Indoor Checklist

  • Drain Lines free flowing?
  • Indoor coil clean?
  • Air filter changed/cleaned?
  • Check all Disconnects to Furnace/Air Handler
  • TXV Bulb secure and Insulated (if applicable)

Temperature drop:

Temperature rise:

Static Supply Pressure:  actual – nameplate total

Static Return Pressure: actual – nameplate total

Blower motor amps:  actual – Nameplate rated

  • Power to the furnace, air handler?

Outdoor Checklist

Type of Refrigerant:

Suction pressure:

Head pressure:



  • Refrigerant Caps put back On?

Compressor amps: actual – nameplate rated

Condenser fan motor amps: actual – nameplate rated

Voltage at Contactor:

Voltage at Capacitor:

Run Capacitor Microfarads (Start Winding Amps x 2,652 ÷ capacitor voltage) :

  • Brush wires – zip tie as needed
  • Outdoor coil washed?
  • Power to the Condenser

Notes:  lineset underground, condensing unit on uneven ground, etc…