HVAC Training Schools in California

With the high-cost of living in most parts of California you’ll need a steady line of work that you can rely on to pay you well. As an HVAC service technician in the state of California there is always going to be a demand for Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Refrigeration.

Even when the economy is down and work is hard to find there is always a job out there for a certified HVAC technician. Below are some of the best HVAC schools the state of California has to offer.

Institute of Technology

Campus located in Citrus Heights, and also Redding, California. The Institute of Technology HVAC Mechanics and Service program prepares students for the real world of HVAC service with computer simulations, class room instruction, and of course hands on. They will also train you on everything that you need to know to obtain a Universal EPA license.

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During the summer months in some parts of California temperatures can reach over 100 degrees. When heat waves like this come through air conditioners get pushed to the limit – and the older ones that have been holding on by a thread, usually fail. Business is booming in the HVAC field for all personnel from the service technician to the estimator that sells complete systems.

There is just about every kind of HVAC equipment in California that a technician must be able to troubleshoot, from solar powered pool heaters, whole house ventilation systems, heat pumps, electric heat, gas furnaces, to commercial sized boilers.

The average annual salary for HVAC technicians in the state of California is approximately $46,000. Wages will vary depending on location, experience of the technician, and which type of work you are doing.

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