HVAC Training Schools in Florida

If you plan on pursuing a career in the State of Florida as an HVAC Technician, then you should know that most of the time you are going to be working on cooling applications should you have a job in residential. Though some winters it does get cold in Florida and there will be a burst of electric heaters and heat pumps not working properly that you will have to troubleshoot.

Below is a list of where you can get your HVAC technical training in Florida. Most of the programs listed below are in the 12 month range and will prepare you with everything that you will need to know to become a valuable HVAC technician.

Florida Career College

Campuses are located in Jacksonville, Kendall, Margate, Pembroke Pines, Florida. The Florida Career College offers two types of Hvac Training programs. The first one is a 9 month course which focuses on residential Hvac systems, while the second course adds an extra 3 months which focuses mainly on commercial Hvac applications for a total of 12 months.

Southern Technical College

Campuses offering the 9 month Hvac training program in Florida are located in Orlando, Auburndale, Sanford, Brandon and Mt. Dora. Like many courses they offer lots of hands on experience to get future technicians prepared to work in the field after receiving a diploma.

The Welding School

Campus located in Jacksonville, Florida. They offer a 9 month HVAC training program that also focuses on solar power, residential troubleshooting of HVAC systems,  Solar panel installation and troubleshooting, refrigeration, advanced wiring for commercial and residential applications and much more.


There are a lot of split systems air conditioning and heating systems in Florida. From central Florida and north you can expect to work on a lot of heat pump applications. Down south on the beaches that have tall condo buildings you may run into HVAC systems that use cooling water towers as a condensing unit. Applications such as fuel burners and gas furnaces are not as common in the state of Florida but does not mean that they aren’t around. On commercial applications you may even run into some boilers to service.

In the state of Florida the average annual salary for HVAC technicians is around $40,000. Those that know how to service not only residential, but also refrigeration and commercial systems can expect to make much more than that should they have the hands on experience and knowledge.

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