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Hello my name is Dave and I am a certified HVAC technician. The purpose of this site will be to get you started in the knowledge of HVAC systems, if you already have sufficient knowledge in HVAC then I hope to help you improve your knowledge in hvac training. If you can’t learn anything from me, then maybe you can teach me a thing or two, I am no expert that knows everything that there is about HVAC, but I have been working on HVAC systems for 10 years.

So let me give you a little bit of background about my experience in the HVAC and the amount of HVAC training that I have received in the past in my career as an air conditioning technician. First off, I am a jack of all trades, I do it all from plumbing repairs, electrical, carpentry, to hvac. I have the same amount of experience in all fields as it is my job day by day to work in these fields.

I work at an apartment complex that had over 500 units, the place is thirty years old so troubleshooting hvac systems is nothing new to me. Might I mention that I also live in central Florida, so we have a significant amount of warm and hot days all year round, and being that most of the air conditioning systems that are on the property are fairly old, I am always getting calls every day about them not working.

I have seen many situations and many problems, the purpose of this site is for me and the knowledge that I have, and too share that knowledge with you, and since I remember what it was like when I knew nothing about HVAC, I think that I could provide sufficient HVAC training for beginners.Before I joined the apartment industry business as a maintenance technician I worked in the Navy for 5 years. In the Navy I was apart of the auxiliary gang, which deals a lot with air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation. The only difference between working in the Navy on HVAC systems and working in the apartment complex on their hvacs would be the type of Freon that we used. The old r-12 verse the r-22, both are going out of date though and will be replaced, but that will be 10 years down the road or more.

So with that introduction I really hope to help a lot of people that are out there and are clueless about hvac basics. Being that the economy is really bad not many people can afford hvac repairs, and that is why I am here to aid you in keeping your air conditioning and heating running efficiently.

**Updated July 2012**

It has been years since I have updated this page, and of course my job profession has changed to full time air conditioning service technician for the past couple of years. It has been much more challenging and much more hands on with different problems and situations. The more that I learn out in the field the more I will share with my fellow readers.

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